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TEKS-Andrew Jackson Era

Quiz by tstent

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  • Q1
    A citizen supporting the ideals of "Jacksonian democracy" would most likely have favored--
    government by a military elite of army officers.
    a government in which service is open to all citizens.
    government by a popularly elected monarch.
    selection of the President by a small group of party leaders.
  • Q2
    This excerpt provides an eyewitness description of--
    Question Image
    the results of the Treaty of Ghent.
    fighting during the French and Indian War.
    the successful efforts of the Cherokee Tribe to become a "civilized" nation.
    the consequences of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
  • Q3
    Which shaded state was the main destination of American Indians forced to relocate as part of the Trail of Tears?
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  • Q4
    In Worcester v. Georgia, the U.S. Supreme Court held that Georgia's state laws did not apply to Indian territories.  How did Andrew Jackson respond to the Supreme Court's decision?
    He ignored the Court's ruling.
    He proposed an amendment to the Constitution to overrule the Court
    He took action to bar enforcement of Georgia's laws on Cherokee territories.
    He urged Georgia to change its laws.
  • Q5
    One attempt to resolve this issue without violence involved which action?
    Question Image
    Georgia asked the federal government for funds to purchase Cherokee land.
    The Cherokee Nation challenged Georgia's anti-Cherokee laws before the U.S. Supreme Court
    The Cherokee Nation asked President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Georgia.
    Georgia offered to grant U.S. citizenship to the Cherokees.
  • Q6
    These speakers are debating an issue that eventually became known as the--
    Question Image
    Missouri Compromise
    Monroe Doctrine
    Three-Fifths Compromise
    Nullification Crisis
  • Q7
    The proclamation excerpted above was issue during which of these historical events?
    Question Image
    Shay's Rebellion
    The War of 1812
    The Nullification Crisis
    The Civil War

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