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Telephone English (text)

Quiz by Stilwell Phil

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "What time will you arrive?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    I'll try to be there by 4 pm.
    I promise I won't be late.
    My plane departs at 9 am. Is that fine?
    I've decided to come on the second of April.
  • Q2
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "I'm sorry, but Mr. Anderson unavailable at the moment." YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    I'll hold until evening.
    Will you hold until this evening?
    Could you have him call back me this evening?
    Could you have him call me back this evening?
  • Q3
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "May I ask who's calling?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    I'd like to speak to Koji Sato in the marketing department, please.
    Perhaps around 5 pm this evening will be fine.
    Yes, you may.
    Yes, this Is Tom Anderson with IBM.
  • Q4
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "May I ask the reason for your call?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    I have several reasons for my opinion. Let's begin with the budget.
    Yes, I'm calling to confirm my Monday evening meeting with Mr. Sato. Is it still on?
    I can call you around 7 pm this evening if that works for you.
    Most people call me Mr. Anderson, but my nickname is "Shorty".
  • Q5
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "I'm sorry. I didn't catch that." YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    Sure. Few people take the time to speak to me.
    I will throw it slower next time.
    Let me speak a bit slower then. My name is Tom.
    No problem. I am probably older than you.
  • Q6
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "Can you hold?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    Sure, I'll wait.
    Holding you would be inappropriate.
    No problem. I'm strong.
    Sure, Hand it to me.
  • Q7
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "I'd like to confirm. That was A-N-D-E-R-S-E-N, correct?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    No, it is actually A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N.
    Yes, Anderson is my first name.
    My last name has eight letters.
    Yes, it is actually A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N.
  • Q8
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "When is a good time for you to meet Mr. Sato?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    I have a good time whenever I come to Tokyo.
    I'm sorry. I'll be busy Friday afternoon.
    I'm normally free Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
    I can meet you this Friday, if you have time.
  • Q9
    RECEPTIONIST ON THE PHONE: "Good morning! IBM! Tammy speaking! How may I help you?" YOUR RESPONSE: ____________________________
    Could you please tell him that I'll be late for our meeting today?
    I will call back at a more convenient time. Sorry to bother you.
    Yes, This is Tom Anderson. I'd like to speak to Koji Sato in the marketing department.
    Yes, I'll have a coffee with sugar and cream.

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