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Temperature Physics - IGCSE

Quiz by Sara Fatima

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  • Q1
    A student wants to measure the upper and lower fixed points on a Celcius scale thermometer. She has four beakers P, Q, R and S. Beaker P contains a mixture of ice and salt. Beaker Q contains a mixture of ice and water. Beaker R contains boiling salt solution. Beaker S contains boiling water. Which two beakers should she use to check the fixed points?
    Question Image
    Q and S
    P and S
    Q and R
    P and R
  • Q2
    Which points are the fixed points of the liquid-in-glass thermometer shown?
    Question Image
    the beginning and end points of the column of liquid
    the points marked 0°C and 100°C
    the beginning and end points of the thermometer scale
    the top and bottom points of the thermometer bulb
  • Q3
    A mercury thermometer with no scale is taped to a ruler as shown. When the thermometer is placed in steam, the mercury level rises to 22.0cm. When the thermometer is placed in pure melting ice, the mercury level falls to 2.0cm. Which temperature is shown by the mercury level in the diagram?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    The diagram shows a liquid-in-glass thermometer. How can the thermometer be made more sensitive?
    Question Image
    increase the thickness of the glass in the glass bulb
    increase the length of the tube and stem
    increase the internal diameter of the tube containing the liquid thread
    increase the internal volume of the glass bulb and the volume of the liquid
  • Q5
    To mark a temperature scale on a thermometer, standard temperatures known as fixed points are needed. Which of these is a fixed point on the Celsius scale?
    room temperature
    the temperature of pure warm water
    the temperature of pure melting ice
    the temperature inside a freezer
  • Q6
    The diagram shows a liquid-in-glass thermometer. Which two features both affect the sensitivity of the thermometer?
    Question Image
    mass of liquid and length of stem
    mass of liquid and diameter of liquid thread
    thickness of glass bulb and length of stem
    thickness of glass bulb and diameter of liquid thread
  • Q7
    Which line in the table shows the relative expansion of the three states of matter from the most expansion to the least expansion?
    Question Image
  • Q8
    What is meant by the fixed points of the scale of a liquid-in-glass thermometer?
    the highest and lowest temperatures that the thermometer can record
    the maximum and minimum depth to which the thermometer should be submerged in a liquid
    the two agreed temperatures used for marking the temperature scale
    the distance between one scale division and the next
  • Q9
    The melting points of ethanol and mercury are shown. Which of these two liquids is / are suitable to use in a liquid-in-glass thermometer to measure temperatures of –50°C and –120°C?
    Question Image
    ethanol and mercury
    mercury only
    ethanol only
    neither ethanol nor mercury.

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