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Quiz by Yaroslav Horbatiuk

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    This mansion _____ to this family.

    always belongs

    has always belonged

    had always belonged

    has always belongs

  • Q2

    2 I understood how she felt. She ___ her own room until last year.

    B had never had

    C would never have

    A has never had

    D would never had

  • Q3

    3 I was tidying up my room from 8.00 until 10.00 pm. ____

    C What had you been doing at that time?

    D What did you do at that time?

    B What have you been doing at that time?

    A What were you doing at that time?

  • Q4

    4 ____ to see your new room? I can make a ham and cheese pizza for everyone.

    B What time did your friends come

    C What time are your friends coming

    D What time will your friends come

    A What time do your friends come

  • Q5

    5 My room ____. It looks fantastic!

    B was just redecorated

    A has just redecorated

    D has just being redecorated

    C has just been redecorated

  • Q6

    1___, I've met a lot of people.

    A Since I had moved here

    C Since I have moved here

    B Since I moved here

  • Q7

    2 ___ such a mess? There are things all over the floor!

    C Who was left

    A Who had left

    B Who has left

  • Q8

    3 I'm going to stay at my grandmother's house______

    C during one week

    B for one week

    A in one week

  • Q9

    4 ____ with your friends tonight?

    A Are you seeing

    B Can you see

    C Do you see

  • Q10

    5 ___about having her own room since her childhood.

    B She is dreaming

    C She has dreamt

    A She dreams


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