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Quiz by Eirini Kaprinioti

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    "Why didn't Madeleine show up at the party last night?" "When I called her at 11:00, she... . "
    would still study
    had still been studying
    still studied
    was still studying
  • Q2
    "Where's Christine?" "I don't know; she ... the office fifteen minutes ago."
    has left
    had been leaving
    had left
  • Q3
    Did you know that Oscar Wilde ... in Paris during his final years?
    has been living
    had lived
    had been living
  • Q4
    "You're looking miserable." "I ... on my thesis when my computer suddenly crashed"
    was working
    used to work
    have been working
    would work
  • Q5
    "Did you hear the rain last night?" "Yes, it ... all night."
    was pouring
    has poured
    had been pouring
    was poured
  • Q6
    "Can't we just order a nice bit of cod?" "Don't be ridiculous! We ... all this way to eat fish and chips."
    haven't come
    hadn't come
    haven't been coming
    aren't coming
  • Q7
    "I love your car." "This old thing? We ... it for fifteen years."
    had had
    used to have
    have had
    have been having
  • Q8
    "What's wrong with Robert?" "I don't know. He ... up, slammed the door and stormed out of the building."
    had got
    was getting
    has got
  • Q9
    "Mary is having difficulty fitting in." "Well, I guess she ... to this type of work."
    doesn't get used
    hasn't been used
    isn't used
    didn't use
  • Q10
    Every Christmas Eve all the family ... the tree together.
    would decorate
    used to decorating
    would have decorated
    had been decorating
  • Q11
    When I lived downtown, I ... to the cinema almost every night.
    was going
    had been going
    have been going
  • Q12
    Sue ... from a sever bout of flu at the time.
    was recovering
    would recover
    used to recover
  • Q13
    "How's Peter doing?" "I don't know. I ... from him in months."
    didn't hear
    have to hear
    don't hear
    haven't heard
  • Q14
    "Ted is so inconsiderate." "What ... you say that, George?"
    was making
    had made
    is making

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