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Test May 2023

Quiz by yana kuzmina

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30 questions
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  • Q1

    We_____ (have) a demo next week. We have agreed on Friday afternoon.

    will have


    are having

    can have

  • Q2

    The sprint______(start) on Monday as planned.  Make all the preparation beforehand.


    is going to start

    is starting

    will start

  • Q3

    I_______ (participate) in the interviews this week so I _______(have) less time for my regular tasks.

    participated; had

    will participate; will have

    am participating; am having

    participate; have

  • Q4

    The data set _______ (prepare) yesterday morning before we decided to modify it.

    has been prepared

    had been prepared

    was prepared

    had prepared

  • Q5

    I think they ______ (probably win) the election.

    probably win

    will probably win

    are probably winning

    are probably going to win

  • Q6

    Wait for me. I _____( join)you for lunch.


    am joining

    am going to join

    will join

  • Q7

    This task looks complex. ______ I(help) you?




    Do I need to

  • Q8

    I ________(send) the proposal today. The client is waiting for the final changes.

    may send


    am going to send

    will be sending

  • Q9

    We ______(test) this part for two days and _______ (not find) any significant bugs so far.

    are testing; not found

    have been testing; have not found

    have tested; did not find

    tested; did not find

  • Q10

    We could not deliver the functionality on time because the client _______ (provide) the required input.

    have not provided

    had not provided

    did not provide

    has not provided

  • Q11

     When _________(last present) in a conference?

    did you last presented

    had you last presented

     did you last present

    have you last presented

  • Q12

    When I ______ (come) to the office, the meeting  ______ (already start). The colleagues ________(argue) about a new deadline.

    came; had already started; were arguing

    came; already started; were arguing

    came; already started; argued

    came; was already starting; were arguing

  • Q13

    I________(work)as a test engineer for two years. Then I ________ (become) an analyst in 2018.

    had worked; became

    used to work; used to become

    used to work; became

    worked; became

  • Q14

    I _____(claim) all travel expenses after my business trips in my previous company.

    had claimed

    used to claim


  • Q15

    When I _____(join) the team; they ________ (prepare) for the certification.

    joined; were going to prepare

    joined; were preparing

    joined; have prepared

    joined; prepared


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