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Test Perek 11

Quiz by Elit Tamir

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Who are the "מתאוננים רע?
    The Israelites
    The riffraff
  • Q2
    Why did G-d set fire only to the edge of the camp?
    Because he didn't want to hurt them
    Because he was so mad
    Because he wanted to hurt them
  • Q3
    What big idea can we see in naming places in the Perek?
    Think about others
    the need to celebrate yourself
    The need to remember your history
  • Q4
    What does בִּקְצֵ֥ה הַֽמַּחֲנֶֽה Mean? Pasuk 1
    The edge of the camp
    The middle of camp
  • Q5
    Who were craving first for בשר?
    The Israelites
    The Cohanim
    The riffraff
  • Q6
    Where did the riffraff come from?
    From Egypt, they joined the Israelites.
    From all over The countries.
  • Q7
    What "ויבכו גם" means?
    They started to cry
    They usually cried
    They also cried
  • Q8
    Why did it say "ויבכו גם"?
    Because they were influenced by the riffraff
    Because they were they first to cry.
  • Q9
    What "חינם" means?
    Getting a bit but steady
    Getting a lot of something
    without giving anything back
  • Q10
    Why did they list the different foods they had in Egypt?
    To show the Mann is no good for them
    To show the variety the opposite of the Mann
  • Q11
    Why did the Torah talks about the good characteristics of the Mann?
    To show The Israelites had no reason to complain
    Because it was the best food ever
  • Q12
    What change do we see in Moshe’s leadership?
    He says he needs help
    He learn to find fast solutions
  • Q13
    What were the characteristics of the 70 people?
    Elders and Officers
  • Q14
    Where were the officers work as officers?
  • Q15
    What did the officers do in Egypt?
    Communicated between Pharaoh and the Egyptians
    Communicated between Pharaoh and the Israelites

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