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Test Review Feb. 18

Quiz by Kaleena Mayo

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Jan found 23 sea shells at the beach. Mary found 44 sea shells at the beach. Sara found 10 less than Mary. How many sea shells did they find in all?
    91 sea shells
    77 sea shells
    101 sea shells
    67 sea shells
  • Q2
    Jim has 406 baseball cards. Jon has 10 fewer than Jim. How many baseball cards do they have in all?
    416 baseball cards
    802 baseball cards
    396 baseball cards
    198 baseball cards
  • Q3
    Mrs. Mayo has 20 students in her class. Mrs. Hurtado has 16 students in her class. Mrs. Martel has 21 students in her class. Mrs. Teer has 18 students in her class. How many students are there in all?
    75 students
    80 students
    113 students
    21 students
  • Q4
    Lexi has 256 rubber bands. Ruby has 210 rubber bands. Taylor has 314 rubber bands. How many rubber bands do they have all together?
    700 rubber bands
    780 rubber bands
    822 rubber bands
    3 girls
  • Q5
    Hannah baked 38 cookies. She gave away 16 cookies. How many cookies does she have left?
    22 cookies
    38 cookies
    54 cookies
  • Q6
    Noah read 23 books. Barret read 47 books. Dalton read 39 books. How many books did they read all together?
    70 books
    109 books
    23 books
  • Q7
    Hailey had 15 boxes of thin mints, 19 boxes of lemonades, and 44 boxes of peanut butter patties. She sold 51 boxes of cookies. How many boxes of cookies does she have left?
    20 boxes
    27 boxes
    74 boxes
  • Q8
    Madi brought 568 rubber bands to school. She gave Hannah 133 rubber bands. How many rubber bands does Madi have left?
    435 rubber bands
    200 rubber bands
    803 rubber bands
    701 rubber bands
  • Q9
    Jorge has 417 legos. Eli. S. gave him 120 more legos. Jorge gave Eli. T. gave him 236 legos. How many legos does Jorge have now?
    537 legos
    301 legos
    181 legos
    773 legos
  • Q10
    Marlanea brought 44 snacks for the class. She only gave away 20 snacks. How many snacks does she have left?
    64 snacks
    24 snacks
    20 snacks

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