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Test Review-Evidence of Common Ancestry

Quiz by Kristin Bullwinkle

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Rocks containing 450 million year old Ordovician fossils contain jawless fish. Younger Devonian rocks that are only 400 million years old contain fossils of jawless fish and fish with jaws. This evidence supports the idea that -
    there are large gaps in the fossil record.
    species can suddenly appear in the fossil record.
    groups of species have changed sequentially.
    older rocks are found above younger rocks.
  • Q2
    All of the following types of information can be learned from the fossil record EXCEPT –
    the anatomy of various species.
    the future evolution of major groups.
    the common ancestry of organisms.
    the geographical range of populations.
  • Q3
    The structural similarity shown in the organisms pictured here suggests that –
    Question Image
    similar bones are the same size in all animals
    some bones in the skeleton have immovable joints
    only quadrupeds need the humerus bone
    the organisms share a common ancestor
  • Q4
    Which of the following would suggest that two species shared a common ancestor?
    their genes share many commonalities
    their fossils were discovered in the same location
    they have similar needs in terms of diet
    they have similar needs in terms of diet
  • Q5
    All of the following can be told from the fossil record EXCEPT--
    the environment the organisms lived in
    the order in which organisms appeared
    the number of organisms that existed
    the approximate age of past organisms
  • Q6
    Which of the following can be concluded from the evolutionary tree provided?
    Question Image
    All three species became more complex over time.
    The common ancestor was most similar to species C.
    The differences are greatest between species B and C.
    There is evidence of large gaps in the fossil record.

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