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  • Q1

    A pre-observation conference between a principal and a teacher is most likely to promote an effective observation process if it includes an emphasis on:

    Question Image

    exploring ways in which the lesson to be observed supports the school's vision, mission, and goals.

     reviewing the results of prior observations of the teacher and determining their current relevance

    defining one or more particular areas of performance that will serve as a primary focus for the observation.

     using a collaborative approach to design the checklist or other tool(s) the principal will use during the observation.

  • Q2

    Which of the following factors should play the greatest role in defining goals for a professional growth plan for a beginning teacher?

    Question Image

    types of development resources and support available for the teacher

    teacher self-evaluation of needs in relation to school objectives

    annual school  priorities for improvement

    results of observations of the teacher's performance

  • Q3

    While conducting classroom observations, a middle school principal notes that some teachers are inadvertently behaving in discriminatory ways with students from particular groups (e.g., asking some students easier questions during class discussions, accepting work from some students that does not meet standards).

    When meeting individually with these teachers, the principal can best address this issue by taking which of the following actions first?

    prompting the teachers to use self-reflection to identify and analyze their own problematic behaviors

     reviewing and discussing the anti discrimination laws and policies that all teachers should use to guide their interactions with students

    providing the teachers with concrete examples of the problematic patterns they are exhibiting

     asking the teachers to describe the processes and criteria they use to evaluate the performance of the students in their class

  • Q4

    A number of teachers in an elementary  school have expressed concern about their ability to provide adequate and appropriate instruction for academically gifted students who are assigned to their classes. In response, the principal has asked the SDO  education supervisor in charge of the SPED program to organize periodic workshops to expand classroom teachers' knowledge and skills in this area.

    The principal can best help ensure that the workshops will be successful in leading to improved teacher performance in the classroom by taking which of the following additional actions?

     providing teachers with a written summary of the main points addressed in each workshop and related ideas for improving their classroom instruction

    implementing follow-up sessions that give teachers an opportunity to work together to evaluate and discuss their efforts at implementing new approaches

    reviewing plans for the workshops before they occur to ensure an emphasis on knowledge and procedures that have a foundation in current educational research

     arranging for a gifted education specialist to observe each teacher in the classroom after reach workshop and report back to the administration on additional needs

  • Q5

    A principal would like to support a teacher's professional growth by helping him become a reflective practitioner.

    Which of the following questions about a lesson observed by the principal would likely be most effective in facilitating the teacher's examination of his own instructional practices?

    When several students entered the classroom late from another class, how did you respond to the disruption?

    How well did students participate in the review exercises at the beginning of the lesson?

     How many students understood the material presented in the lesson by the end of the class period?

     When students became confused during the lesson, what could you have done differently to help them succeed?

  • Q6

    A new principal in a school that has traditionally used a top-down management approach wants to build the school's capacity for distributed leadership.

    The principal can best initiate efforts to achieve this goal by providing teachers and other staff with opportunities to demonstrate and enhance their ability to:

    create a variety of plans aligned with the school vision and goals.

    direct the efforts of others for the purpose of attaining specified aims.

    engage collaboratively with colleagues and other school stakeholders

    adhere to various types of school protocols, schedules, and deadlines.

  • Q7

    After receiving word that the students in her school performed poorly on a national assessment, a school principal is preparing for a faculty meeting at which the assessment results will be shared and discussed. The principal wishes to use the meeting to initiate changes aimed at improving teaching and learning in the school.

    During the meeting, the principal can best promote change by emphasizing which of the following ideas?

    Assessment is an effective means by which to ensure school's accountability for student learning and achievement.

    Student test scores are only one among many indicators of the quality of student learning occurring at the school

    The test results offer valuable information school staff can use to identify and respond positively to specific problem areas.

    Responsibility for the test results is shared among many individuals and groups within the educational community.

  • Q8

    A principal is leading an initiative to improve the school's integration of technology into instruction. The principal organizes a committee of teachers, IT specialists, parents/guardians, and community members to develop a plan to achieve this goal. After the first few meetings, the principal finds that little progress has been made and some committee members are losing interest.

    Which of the following would be the most effective way for the principal to motivate committee members to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure the success of the initiative?

    Question Image

    identifying manageable, short-term goals and tasks and giving each committee member responsibility for achieving a specific goal or task

    asking each committee member to develop and present to the rest of the group a set of recommendations about what to include in a plan

    asking each committee member to develop and present to the rest of the group a set of recommendations about what to include in a plan

    establishing a rotating chair to ensure that each committee member is responsible for conducting one or more meetings

  • Q9

    The following positions are exempt from the publication and posting requirements EXCEPT

    Primarily confidential

    Coterminous with that of the appointing officer/authority

    A teaching position occupied by a holder of a provisional appointment

    Reappointment (change of status to permanent)

  • Q10

    Shall serve as the central repository for completed research which were funded by the Basic Education Research Fund (BERF). It shall also host, with permission of authors and/or owners, research studies completed by DepEd partners in the education sector


    Deped Common


    Edukasyon Saliksik

  • Q11


    GCASH 09381112160

    1000 PESOS ONLY

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