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Quiz by Katherine Gomezcoello

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    It will be hot and sunny all weekend.
    It might rain.
    It might be a nice weekend.
    It is going to be a nice weekend.
  • Q2
    It will be dry all next week.
    It might rain next week.
    It is going to rain next week.
    It won't rain next week.
  • Q3
    Cold temperatures will also bring snow and ice.
    It won't be cold.
    There might be snow and ice.
    There is going to be snow and ice.
  • Q4
    Temperatures will fall to freezing and there might be ice on the roads.
    It is going to be icy.
    It will be cold.
    There will be ice on the roads.
  • Q5
    It is going to be a fine weekend in most parts of the country.
    It won't be nice everywhere.
    It might be nice this weekend.
    It is going to be sunny everywhere.
  • Q6
    Temperatures will be a lot milder than usual.
    It won't be cold.
    It is going to be cold.
    It might be cold.
  • Q7
    There might be storms at the weekend.
    There are going to be storms on Saturday or Sunday.
    It might rain on Saturday or Sunday.
    There will be storms on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Q8
    It will be cloudy all day and it might rain tomorrow.
    It is going to rain today and tomorrow.
    It won't rain tomorrow.
    It isn't going to be sunny today.
  • Q9
    Heavy rain will move into the western parts of the country first thing on Saturday morning.
    It is going to rain on Friday.
    It won't rain very much.
    It is going to rain in the west.
  • Q10
    The rain will gradually move eastwards, arriving at the most eastern parts of the country by Sunday morning.
    There will be heavy rain.
    The rain will reach the east.
    It might rain in the east.

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