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Texas History Bundle 4 Review - Early Statehood & Civil War

Quiz by Eric Contreras

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  • Q1

    Which statement best explains how a belief in “Manifest Destiny” influenced the U.S. annexation of Texas?

    Most of those believing in “Manifest Destiny” hoped for slavery to spread westward in order to increase the number of slave states in the United States.

    Many Texans supported annexation because they thought it would bring new opportunities to settle on the frontier of West Texas.

    Americans saw Texas as a place to develop new factories and mills to support economic growth in the United States.

    Many Americans supported Texas statehood because they were eager to expand the United States to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Q2

    Which cause-effect statement accurately shows the relationship between land grants and immigration in Texas?

    The United States entered an economic depression; free land attracted settlers to Texas.

    Vacant land was abundant; settlers forced to live on land for 3 years.

    New settlers acquired land; the surrounding area became more valuable.

    More settlers moved into an area; the value of land decreased.

  • Q3

    This passage must come from which of the following?

    Question Image

    Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    Republic of Texas Constitution

    Texas State Constitution

    Treaty of Velasco

  • Q4

    This painting depicts two flags, one of which is being raised on the flagpole. Based on your knowledge of this time period, what is the likely occasion of this ceremony?

    Question Image

    The ceding of land as part of the Mexican Cession

    The defeat of Mexico in the U.S.-Mexican War

    Texas’ secession from the Union and joining of the Confederacy

    Texas’ gaining statehood and entering the United States

  • Q5

    Which reason could be added to this diagram?

    Question Image

    Threats from foreign powers

    Discovery of precious metals


    Indian removal

  • Q6

    Which term in the Compromise of 1850 is shown in the map?

    Question Image

    New states would decide whether to allow slavery.

    Texas would get money to pay off its debt if it gave up some of its land.

    California entered the Union as a free state.

    Texas entered the Union as a slave state.

  • Q7

    What was the significance of Palmito Ranch?

    It served as a camp for prisoners of war.

    It was the farthest point south that Union troops advanced.

    It served as a weapons factory during the Civil War.

    It was the site of the last Civil War battle.

  • Q8

    Which statement explains the significance of the year 1861?

    General Robert E. Lee surrendered.

    Texans voted to stay in the Union.

    The first shots of the Civil War were fired.

    Colonel Benavides fought Union troops at Laredo.

  • Q9

    Which statement describes one cause and its effect on Texas during the Civil War?

    Texas men were away at war; women managed the homesteads.

    Union forces blockaded Texas; women transported goods by land.

    Troops needed pay and supplies; Texas government raised taxes.

    Confederates lacked weapons; Texas prison inmates made guns.

  • Q10

    Most of the battles in Texas occurred on or near which physical feature?

    Question Image

    Great Plains

    Edwards Plateau

    Davis Mountains

    Gulf of Mexico

  • Q11

    One major contribution of the Freedmen’s Bureau was

    The payment of money to all Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War

    The spread of the Ku Klux Klan into all Texas cities

    The creation of schools for African American children

    The creation of jobs for Mexicans living in Texas

  • Q12

    Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery in 1865?

    13th Amendment

    14th Amendment

    15th Amendment

    12th Amendment

  • Q13

    On June 19, 1865, General Gordon Granger issued a proclamation at Galveston declaring that-

    All enslaved persons were free.

    African Americans had the right to vote.

    Taxes were increased.

    Women had the right to vote.

  • Q14

    Which of the following best completes the timeline above?

    Question Image

    Nullification Crisis

    Emancipation Proclamation

    Secession of Southern States

    Kansas-Nebraska Act

  • Q15

    In which battle did Confederate troops under Major General John B. Magruder attack and expel Union troops enforcing the naval blockade of the Texas coast?

    Palmito Ranch


    Sabine Pass



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