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Text Structure - Sea Lion & Running Shoe

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the problem with running shoes from the past?
    They did not protect people's feet as well as they could.
    They caused people a lot of pain because they were too small.
    They were not as decorative or cool as today's shoes.
    They needed boots not running shoes.
  • Q2
    Why did inventors add air pockets to space boots?
    They acted as padding so astronauts could jump higher.
    They allowed astronauts to combat gravity.
    They acted as padding to protect astronauts from twisting their ankles on the craters of the moon.
    They were a cool feature that looked different from old boots.
  • Q3
    After shoe companies heard about space boots...
    they were impressed but left the technology just for space boots.
    they did not care.
    they tried out the idea for running shoes and it did not work.
    they tried out the idea for running shoes and were successful!
  • Q4
    "A Better Running Shoe" is an example of which type of text structure?
    cause-effect or problem-solution
  • Q5
    "Rescuing a Sea Lion" is organized by...
    comparing sea lions to veterinarians
    a list of facts
    events told in sequence
    describing sea lions' lives
  • Q6
    What is the direct effect of sea lions getting caught in fishing nets?
    Sea lions could be harmed and need rescuing.
    Sea lions would eat more fish.
    Sea lions are released back in the ocean.
    People feel sad because they cannot help.
  • Q7
    What is the final step in the rescue process?
    Sea lions are released into the ocean to be free again.
    Veterinarians heal the sea lions.
    People understand sea lions better.
    People throw away fishing nets.
  • Q8
    After people see a sea lion in danger, they often...
    call a rescue team
    lift the sea lions into cages
    leave them
    help the sea lions themselves

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