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The American Revolution

Quiz by Laura Ramos

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What was an important advantage held by the Patriots in the conflict?
    They were fighting on their own land.
    The Native Americans were their allies
    They had a stronger navy
    They were better trained.
  • Q2
    What was one outcome of the victory at Saratoga?
    The British were able to separate and defeat the New England and Middle Colonies
    Native Americans decided to switch alliances and side with the Americans
    The main theater of the war switched to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.
    France agreed to offer support to the Americans
  • Q3
    This painting shows Washington at Valley Forge. What do you think the artist’s main purpose was for creating this painting?
    Question Image
    to show respect for Washington and the American war effort
    to show the Continental Army at work
    to discourage recruits from joining the Continental Army
    to show the horrible conditions at Valley Forge
  • Q4
    During the war, why did some women and enslaved Africans question their positions in society?
    They wanted the British to grant them equal rights.
    They wanted the same rights that white American males were fighting for.
    They wanted the same pay that male soldiers received.
    They sought rights equal to those in Britain and France.
  • Q5
    What military tactic did the Americans use to defeat the British in the South?
    using Native Americans to attack British forces
    capturing Loyalists to prevent them from fighting for the British
    a hit-and-run style of warfare
    fighting only large battles for major cities
  • Q6
    Which battle convinced the British that the war was too costly and marked the end of the American Revolution?
    Battle of Saratoga
    Battle of Trenton
    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Battle of Yorktown
  • Q7
    Which statement completes the attached list?
    Question Image
    pay American merchants what they were owed
    provide fishing rights to Americans in waters off the coast of Canada
    force Loyalists to move to Britain
    allow the colony of Saint Domingue to become independent
  • Q8
    Who were the key European allies of the Patriots?
    The Netherlands and Spain
    Germany and Spain
    France and Spain
    France and the Netherlands
  • Q9
    What elements were NOT a key to the Patriot victory over the British?
    The Revolutionary War was a people's movement that depended on their determination and spirit.
    Patriots fought on their own land.
    Other nations supported the Patriot cause.
    Patriots had a bigger army.
  • Q10
    What happened at Valley Forge?
    Washington's troops camped their during the harsh winter with barely any food, clothing, or medicine.
    Washington's troops were able to bring in cannons and win back the South.
    Washington's troops met the French here and planned the attack on Yorktown.
    Washington's troops held a siege against Cornwallis' troops.

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