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The Amistad

Quiz by Madelyn Pedler

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  • Q1
    They were on the edge of the Civil War.
    The year is 1839. What has been happening in the Americas?
  • Q2
    Navy, Queen Isabella II, slaves, the lawyer, John Quincy Adams
    List the five groups that argued the issue of the 44 of the Amistad.
  • Q3
    Montauk point Long Island New York
    Where was the Amistad captured after the revolt?
  • Q4
    Havana Cuba
    From where did the Amistad originally set sail?
  • Q5
    The Tecora
    What other boat was involved in Cinque and the other Africans' capture and transport?
  • Q6
    Protuguese - Tecora /Spain - Amistad
    What country owns that ship?
  • Q7
    Who led the revolt aboard the ship?
  • Q8
    The sailed East during the day and Northeast during the night
    How did Ruiz and Montez get the ship to Montauk point?
  • Q9
    Murder and Piracy
    What charges were levied against the captives?
  • Q10
    Joadson and Tappan
    Who were the two abolitionists that were looking for someone to take the case?
  • Q11
    Roger Baldwin
    Who became the lawyer for the captives? (part of the Amistad Committee)
  • Q12
    Ruiz & Montez, Lt. Gedney of the USS Washington, Queen Isabella II of Spain
    What three groups were trying to claim the Africans as property?
  • Q13
    John Quincy Adams
    Who was the ex-president that eventually joined the Amistad Committee?
  • Q14
    Because Baldwin's side is winning. The judge was from the South.
    Why did the President change the judge? What political implications did it have?
  • Q15
    He learned to speak 1 to 10 in Mende. They went to the docks repeating the #'s until they found the translator
    How did Josiah Gibbs (part of the Amistad Committee) break the communication problem with the captives? Why was this important?

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