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The Babylonian Empire

Quiz by Lisa Russo (HD)

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the most famous ruler of the Babylonians?
    Alexander the Great
    King Sargon
    King Babylonia
  • Q2
    How did the Babylonian empire come to power?
    He rebuilt the city-states' walls to create the Babylonian Empire
    He conquered the Akkadians to create the Babylonian Empire
    He promised to take care of the Sumerians, so they could become the Babylonian Empire
    Hammurabi united all the city-states to create the Babylonian Empire
  • Q3
    How did Hammurabi improve the economy of Babylon?
    He made the slaves work harder.
    He made trade an important feature of life there.
    He brought money to Babylon.
    He sold artwork in Babylon.
  • Q4
    In Babylon, what kinds of rights did slaves have?
    they could work for money, own property, buy their freedom
    they could rent a house, own a slave, have children
    they could get married, have their own slaves, buy a chariot
    they could buy their freedom, get married, own a farm
  • Q5
    How did Hammurabi improve agriculture in Babylon?
    He built new farms.
    He kept the irrigation systems working properly.
    He planted more crops.
    He built better and newer roads.
  • Q6
    What is being shown on this stele?
    Question Image
    Hammurabi is receiving information about the god.
    Hammurabi is receiving the Code of Laws
    Hammurabi is worshiping the god Marduk.
    The King is asking the god for help.
  • Q7
    Why did Hammurabi create the code of laws?
    The people asked him to do that.
    To show the last king how to run a country.
    To bring order to the city
    The gods told Hammurabi to do that.
  • Q8
    How did the Babylonian empire fall?
    The Assyrians took over Mesopotamia
    The laws were no longer followed.
    The King died.
    The walls came down.
  • Q9
    Hammurabi started out as a
    an Amorite Prince
    a Burger Prince
    Prince Ali
    an Akkadian Prince
  • Q10
    What improvements did Hammurabi's reign bring to the people?
    built roads, built a postal service, improved irrigation
  • Q11
    Hammurabi is best-known for
    his system of roads
    his military strength
    the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    his code of laws
  • Q12
    What made the Babylonian society unique in its time?
    There were no class differences
    Women and slaves had some rights
    There were no unpaid laborers
    Parents arranged their daughters' marriages

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