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The Battle of the Bagel

Quiz by Nicole Garcia

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  • Q1
    Why did Bagelville go out of business?
    The Montrealers did not like the New York-style bagels.
    The Montrealers like bagels that are larger.
    The Montrealers thought the bagels were too sweet.
    The Montrealers were thrilled about having New York-style bagels in town.
  • Q2
    How does the author compare the two different types of bagels?
    Montreal bagels are more popular worldwide, while New York bagels are only popular in New York.
    Montreal bagels are smaller and sweeter, while New York bagels are larger and fluffier.
    Montreal bagels are machine-made, while New York bagels are cooked in a wood-burning stove.
    Montreal bagels have very small holes in the middle, while New York bagels have large holes in the middle.
  • Q3
    Read the following sentence from the passage: "Shalafman added, 'New Yorkers come [to Montreal] and reluctantly try our bagel and enjoy it somewhat, but when they get back, they feel better about the fact that they're home and can get what they call a real bagel.'" What conclusion does this sentence best support?
    The author does not believe that there is a "superior bagel."
    Shlafman believes New Yorkers are experts when it comes to making great bagels.
    People from different parts of the world have different opinions about New York City bagels.
    People tend to prefer the food-related traditions of their own cities.
  • Q4
    Irwin Shlafman of Fairmount Bagels describes the training process at his bagel shop. Based on his description, how does he feel about his work?
  • Q5
    What is the main idea of the passage?
    The Montreal bagel is sweeter and chewier than the New ork-style bagel, which is larger and fluffier.
    There is no "superior bagel," but people from New York and Montreal are proud of their cultures and are attached to their city's bagel style.
    Bagel shops will continue to put each other out of business until they can determine with style of bagel is superior.
    New Yorkers insist that their bagels are better than those made in Montreal, even thought their bagels are machine-made.
  • Q6
    "Other cities across the world had been thrilled when New York bagels finally came to town, but the Montrealers were outraged. Bagelville, the new shop, went out of business and closed its doors in less than a year. As used in the passage, what does the word "outraged" mean?
  • Q7
    Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. At St. Viateur Bagel bakery, the workers can produce 40 dozed bagels in an hour; _____________, most New York City bagel bakeries use machines that can produce about 400 dozen an hour.
    as a result
    on the other hand
    for instance

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