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๐ŸŒŸThe Big Start-up Quiz ๐ŸŒŸ

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  • Q1
    Which one of these is NOT an example of a start-up?
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  • Q2
    In start-up terms, what is a UNICORN?
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    A company that makes no money
    A company that has a unique product no one else has
    A company that doesn't yet exist but will in the future
    A company that is worth over $1 billion
  • Q3
    What does FINTECH stand for?
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    Fine Technology
    Final Technology
    Finite Technology
    Financial Technology
  • Q4
    People who work in a start-up are often given EQUITY. What is equity?
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    Equal pay for everyone
    A bonus at the end of the year
    Discounts on the product
    Ownership of a business through stocks
  • Q5
    Which one of these is NOT a characteristic of most start-ups?
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    Limited resources
    Smaller teams
    Predictable revenue
  • Q6
    There is a type of investor known as an ANGEL INVESTOR. What are ANGEL INVESTORS?
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    Investors who are very young
    Investors who invest in a start-up very early on
    Investors who save the company at the last minute
    Investors who provide the most amount of money
  • Q7
    What does 'A. I.' stand for?
    Question Image
    Advanced Innovation
    Artificial Intelligence
    Absolute Identity
    Accurate Information
  • Q8
    Crowdfunding is a new way of raising money on the internet. What is crowdfunding?
    Question Image
    Many people contributing money to raise a big sum
    Going viral on social media using advertising
    Investors giving money to groups of people
    Paying a group of people to raise investment
  • Q9
    Start-ups are heavily reliant on VCs for funding. What does VC stand for?
    Question Image
    Valuable Companies
    Volume Contribution
    Vast Corporations
    Venture Capitalists

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