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The Bird Saver

Quiz by Katie Lunsford

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  • Q1
    Based on the play, which pair of words best describe Rachel?
    concerned and thorough
    cranky and unhurried
    relaxed and unworried
    intelligent and sneaky
  • Q2
    After seeing the dead piglets in Scene 3, Rachel says, "I am going to do something about this." What does she do?
    writes a book about DDT and other pesticides
    makes and ad about DDT
    visits the Huckins farm
    forms the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Q3
    The infographic on page 24 shows how DDT...
    has made the world safer
    affects different animals as it goes through the food chain
    kills bugs that eat crops
    keeps mosquitos from biting people
  • Q4
    In Scene 6, Executive 3 says Rachel is a marine biologist. That means she is a
    a scientist who studies plants and animals that live in water
    beloved writer
    military leader
    a scientist who studies farm animals
  • Q5
    The radio ad for DDT in scene 4 helps you understand that...
    people don't trust DDT
    DDT is not as harmful as Rachel thinks
    it will be hard for Rachel to convince people that DDT is harmful
    it will easy for Rachel to convince people that DDT is harmful
  • Q6
    In the sentence "The chemical companies say Rachel's book Silent Spring is a hoax," a hoax is something meant to
  • Q7
    What happens in Scene 2?
    Rachel talks to Miss Benson on the phone.
    Rachel visits three different farms.
    Rachel reads letters about animals harmed by DDT
    Olga, Miss Benson, and Mr. Murphy come to Rachel's house for a meeting.
  • Q8
    In Scene 6, you can guess that Executive 1 and Executive 2 feel _____ about Rachel and her book.

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