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The Chocolate Touch- Chapters 3 and 4

Quiz by Bruce Keizer

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  • Q1
    How did Mrs. Midas react when Mary told on John for eating the toothpaste?
    Mrs. Midas didn't believe Mary.
    Mrs. Midas got angry with Mary and told her she didn't want to hear from her ever again.
    Mrs. Midas went over to John and scolded him right away.
    Mrs. Midas listened to Mary's story and then asked another friend to see if the story was true.
  • Q2
    What was strange about John's morning?
    He was in a very good mood.
    He actually wanted to go to school.
    Everything was turning into chocolate.
    Mary gave him some chocolate for being a tattletale.
  • Q3
    What made John's schoolmate think that John had gone crazy?
    He caught him talking to himself about food.
    He caught him eating his leather glove on the way to school.
    He caught him trying to take a bite of his finger.
    He caught him taking food out of another kid's locker.
  • Q4
    What did John do to make Susan upset with him?
    He embarrassed her in front of her friends.
    He bit through her coin.
    He ruined her shoes.
    He made fun of her.
  • Q5
    Spider didn't like the glove because it didn't taste like
    mud pies
    old dogs
  • Q6
    She protested against the decision of the teacher. What does protested mean?
    odd or unusual
    walked in a slow or relaxed way
    to express strong disagreement with someone or something
    great success or victory
  • Q7
    He was devouring his food at the dinner table. What does devouring mean?
    making shapes with different objects
    playing with
    to have thrown something in a forceful way
    to quickly eat all of something
  • Q8
    Sam opened up his Christmas present and contentedly said thank you. What does contentedly mean?
    to say something in an obnoxious way
    happy or satisfied
    to say something in a forceful way
    annoyed or angrily
  • Q9
    Her friends couldn't resist from touching the candy bars on the shelf. What does resist mean?
    to quickly eat all of something
    to force yourself to do something
    to yell it out to everybody in the area
    to keep yourself from doing something that you want to do.
  • Q10
    Susan ambled her way down the hallways to the bathroom so she could miss class.
    walked in a slow and relaxed way
    walked in a fast way
    walked in a depressed way
    walked in an annoyed or angry way

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