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The Chocolate Touch- Chapters 5 and 6

Quiz by Bruce Keizer

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why did John begin to panic towards the end of his test?
    He was running out of time.
    His pencil was turning into chocolate.
    He didn't know the answers.
    He needed more chocolate.
  • Q2
    How did Miss Plimsole react when John spoke with her after class?
    She ignored him and told him to figure out what to do for tomorrow.
    She became very angry with him and took him to the principal's office.
    She first thought he was making up silly excuses, but then she began to worry.
    She called his parents immediately to figure out what to do.
  • Q3
    How do we know that Susan was not ready to forgive John?
    Susan wouldn't help John with his homework.
    Susan spit at him.
    Susan invited all her other friends to things but left John out.
    Susan ignored what he was saying when John tried to make things better and stuck out her tongue.
  • Q4
    What was John going to do to prove to Susan that he wasn't lying about his magic power?
    He was going to take her to the water fountain.
    He was going to eat the rest of the coin.
    He was going to put the jump rope in his mouth.
    He was going to show her the pencil.
  • Q5
    How was John feeling at the end of Chapter 6?
    He was sad and depressed that Susan was angry and didn't believe him.
    All of the answers.
    He was upset about his math test.
    He was worried his mother was going to be mad at him.
  • Q6
    I moved swiftly and silently across my parents room searching for my birthday presents. What does swiftly mean in this sentence?
  • Q7
    To my dismay, I was unable to find a single gift. What does dismay mean?
  • Q8
    On Halloween night, people can walk down the corridor of our towns old, haunted hotel. What is a corridor?
    narrow passage
    dimly lit
    steep stairs
    small room
  • Q9
    Ed accurately guessed the number of candy corn in the jar and won the grand prize. What does accurately mean in this sentence?
    without mistake
    without knowing
  • Q10
    My grandma always wears her spectacles around her neck so she doesn't lose them. What are spectacles?
    hearing aids

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