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"The City Planners"

Quiz by Melinda Stinson

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  • Q1
    1. How does the poet's use of the words "sanities", "levelness", and "rational" affect the tone of the poem?
    She purposefully chooses words which sound neutral to convey the idea of uniformity in suburban life
    She purposefully chooses words which are nostalgic and remind the audience of the past
    She purposefully chooses words which convey a sense of urgency about urban problems
    She purposefully chooses words which will persuade and advise the audience against spontaneity
  • Q2
    2. What does the phrase "rational whine" mean in line 11?
    unseen distractions
    a routine activity
    unusual designs
    a broken machine
  • Q3
    3. What is the purpose of the figurative language in lines 11-12?
    to show how nature is not easily forced into a patter
    to show how badly the landscape has been maintained
    to show how the equipment is unable to operate correctly
    to show how much the speaker dislikes yard work
  • Q4
    4. Which phrase provides a contrast to the uniformity of the neighborhood
    "a splash of paint on brick as surprising as a bruise"
    "the too-fixed stare of the wide windows"
    "a plastic hose poised in a vicious coil"
    "the roofs all display/ the same slant of avoidance"
  • Q5
    5. How does the poem's structure reveal conflicts between the ideals of the speaker and those of the city planners?
    The speaker's complaints in the opening stanzas transition to the adverse description of the City Planners in the last stanzas
    The long stanzas reveal positive memories for the speaker, and the short stanzas convey negative remarks about the City Planners
    Each stanza presents an unbiased view of the speaker's emotions and then a biased interpretation of the City Planner's actions
    Each stanza provides lengthy descriptions of City Planner's thoughts and minimal descriptions of the speaker's motivations
  • Q6
    6. How does the Poet's use of personification affect the poem?
    It causes curiosity about what will happen to the houses
    It directs the focus to the condition of the streets
    It reinforces a sympathetic and emotional mood
    It introduces a sense of suspense and a negative tone

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