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The Colonies Develop

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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  • Q1
    What area was considered the Backcountry?
    Question Image
    land "back" in England
    all of the above
    land along the Appalachian Mountains
    land where the slaves lived
  • Q2
    What is subsistence farming?
    Question Image
    farming that is substandard unable to sell in local markets
    farming to produce food for an entire region and carry a good crop
    farming to produce food for one family and a little extra for trade
    farming that is subsidized by the local government to help poor families
  • Q3
    Which of the following happened during the triangular trade?
    Question Image
    Ships' cargo was traded in Africa for slaves to be brought to America
    Slaves were traded for sugar and molasses that were shipped to the colonies
    ships exported rum and iron from New England to Africa
    All of these are true
  • Q4
    What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?
    Question Image
    to make sure England kept New Englands ships out of its waters
    to make sure that England received part of the New England trade profits
    to make sure the colonies ensured proper shipping traffic in colonial waters
    to make sure that Spain had control of territorial waters in the caribbean
  • Q5
    Which groups lifestyle was most like that of the rich nobles in Europe?
    Question Image
    New England merchants
    Backcountry farmers
    Southern planters
    Middle Colony artisans
  • Q6
    What was the importance of cash crops?
    All of these are true
    these crops were used to pay property tax
    these crops were shipped only to Europe
    these crops were sold for money
  • Q7
    Which of the following was true of Conestoga Wagons
    Question Image
    All of these are true
    The wagons were important for settling the West
    They were built by Germans and had wide wheels and curved beds
    The wagons had canvas (heavy cloth) covers to protect their contents from the rain
  • Q8
    What did it mean to have a diverse population in a colonial region?
    to have an equal mix of racial and cultural groups
    to have had free African Americans
    to have a variety for racial and cultural groups
    to have only one racial and cultural group
  • Q9
    Who were overseers on the plantations?
    indentured servants
    men who supervised slaves
  • Q10
    What took place during the Stono Rebellion?
    Colonists opposed unfair treatment of slaves
    rebellious slaves killed several planter families
    The Spanish led a public protest against slavery
    Planters made slave codes stricter
  • Q11
    In which colonial regions was the fall line found
    Question Image
    Middle and Southern Colonies
    Southern Colonies and Backcountry
    New England and Middle Colonies
    Middle Colonies and Backcountry
  • Q12
    Which of the colonial regions stretched to the Backcountry?
    Question Image
    all of them
    New England
  • Q13
    Which of the colonial regions covered the most land area?
    Question Image
    New England
  • Q14
    Where is the piedmont located?
    Question Image
    west of the Appalachian Mountains
    within the Southern Colonies only
    between the fall line and the Appalachians
    along the Atlantic Coastline
  • Q15
    Which of the colonial regions had coastlines on the Atlantic ocean?
    Question Image
    New England Colonies
    Middle Colonies
    Southern Colonies
    all of these

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