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The Crossover Pages 113-134: last half of second quarter

Quiz by Lauren Philbert

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  • Q1
    What does the coach say the team needs to work on?
    Their mental game
  • Q2
    Why is the mood or tone of the poem of "Second-Person" pg. 114?
    Let down, frustrated, unfamiliar
  • Q3
    How is Josh feeling when he catches his brother and Alexis in the library?
  • Q4
    What is a tipping point?
    The point when an object shifts from one position to a new entirely different one
  • Q5
    As in: Today at the library, I went upstairs, walked down the aisle, pulled The Giver off the shelf, and found my ______________.
    tipping point
  • Q6
    Why can't Josh sleep?
    JB is on the phone with Sweet Tea
  • Q7
    What does Josh want to talk to JB about after the game?
    How JB isn't spending enough time with him and dad
  • Q8
    What are the flashing blues referring to?
    a police car lights
  • Q9
    Why is dad pulled over?
    a broken tail light
  • Q10
    How is dad recognized by the police officer when dad left his wallet in his jacket at home?
    "Da Man"!
  • Q11
    Why is Josh put on the bench for the game?
    He was late
  • Q12
    What can basketball rule #6 mean?
    A player can't be great without his team
  • Q13
    How does McNasty pass the ball to JB?
    With anger, he gives him a bloody nose

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