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The Crucible Act III

Quiz by Kimberly Richardson

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18 questions
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  • Q1

    The setting of Act III is

    The Proctor home eight days after the first arrests.

    the Salem jail.

    Reverend Parris's home.

    the Salem courtroom.

  • Q2

    Elizabeth Proctor is offered a temporary pardon because she is 





  • Q3

    John Proctor continues to try to end the witch trials because he wants to save the wives of

    Giles Corey and Francis Nurse

    Samuel Parris and Thomas Putnam

    Giles Corey and Thomas Putnam

    John Hale and John Hathorne

  • Q4

    Whose deposition aims to prove that the girl accusers are liars?

    John Proctor's

    Elizabeth Proctor's

    Mary Warren's

    Giles Corey's

  • Q5

    What does Giles Corey's deposition say?

    Elizabeth Proctor never kept poppets.

    Abigail is having an affair with John Proctor

    Thomas Putnam has his daughter accuse neighbors of witchcraft in order to get more land

    Abigail is a liar and making all the witchcraft accusations up

  • Q6

    Match the characters with their descriptions.

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  • Q7

    Which of the following is a key event in the plot structure of Act III?

    John Proctor faces his own guilt and loss of reputation by revealing his illicit affair with Abigail Williams

    John Proctor kills Abigail Williams for her betrayal against the town

    John Proctor defeats Judge Danforth in a duel in front of the people of Salem

    John Proctor reveals to the town he is a witch in order to save his wife and the other men's wives

  • Q8

    Select one of two possible answers: Proctor's Christian nature is questioned because he

    talks about the devil too often.

    works on Sundays.

    dances in the woods.

    does not attend church regularly.
  • Q9

    In the court room, what do the accusing girls do to Mary?

    They glare at her.

    They pretend the devil is in the room.

    They pretend that her spirit is coming to get them.

    They threaten her, saying she will regret her wrongful accusations about them for the rest of her life.

  • Q10

    What is the test Judge Hathorne comes up with for Mary?

    He asks her to stick a pin in her poppet.

    He asks her to fly around the room.

    He asks her to faint, as she fainted in the courtroom.

    He asks her to recite the ten commandments.

  • Q11

    What does Deputy Governor Danforth symbolize in the court?

    equal justice for all


    all-powerful authority

    fair-minded law

  • Q12

    Elizabeth does not tell Danforth about John's affair with Abigail because she

    is lying to herself and refuses to accept the affair.

    does not want to hurt Abigail.

    wants to protect John's reputation.

    wants John in jail with her.

  • Q13

    Hale denounces the proceedings of the court because he

    feels the devil will never leave Salem.

    believes Abigail and no one else.

    believes the testimony of Mary and Proctor.

    is upset by how Proctor treated Abigail.

  • Q14

    How does Danforth check Proctor’s story?

    He brings Martha Corey in to second his story.

    He asks Abigail to tell the truth, and he trusts her story.

    He brings Elizabeth in and asks her why she fired Abigail.

    He takes a poll of the people standing in the courtroom to see if they believe him.

  • Q15

    How does Abigail respond when Danforth asks if the affair between her and John is true?

    She admits to the affair.

    She states that she will not answer that question.

    She denies the affair.


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