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The Crucible Review Remix

Quiz by Chiquita Greene

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    When Reverend Parris sees his daughter and the other girls dancing in the forest, he concludes that they
    have come under Tituba spell
    are engaging in witchcraft.
    are heathens
    are enjoying themselves
  • Q2
    Reverend Parris fears the villagers' response to the rumor that his daughter has come under a spell because
    he fears the work of the Devil
    it will upset the peaceful village
    it could cost him his ministry and his daughter life
    it confirms his suspicions about his daughter
  • Q3
    At first, Reverend Hale cautions everyone
    against views of learned men
    against being led by superstitions
    about the trials at Salem
    to keep their distance from Betty
  • Q4
    At the close of Act 1, Reverend Hale shouts for the marshal to bring irons because he
    wants to frighten the girls into confessing
    believes Tituba has come under the Devil's spell
    has sighted the Devil
    is also caught up in the frenzy of the accusations
  • Q5
    if you and a friend have a point of contention, you may
    support each other's efforts
    make a promise

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