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The Crusades

Quiz by Chris Csengeto

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1) Who fought each other in the Crusades?
    The Romans and the Greeks
    The Eastern and Western Roman Empires
    The Europeans and the Arabs
  • Q2
    2) The city of Jerusalem is important to what three major religions?
    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
    Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam
    Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity
  • Q3
    3) The First Crusade got started when the Seljuk Turks did what?
    Capture the city of Constantinople
    Burnt down the city of Jerusalem
    Prevented Christians from entering Jerusalem
  • Q4
    4) Why did people join in fighting in the Crusades?
    They thought it would help them to practice their fighting skills
    They thought it would help them to get rich
    All the Above
  • Q5
    5) What was the result of the First Crusade?
    The Crusaders got greedy and attacked Constantinople
    The Crusaders were defeated and returned home
    The Crusaders captured and gained control of Jerusalem
  • Q6
    6) Not counting the Crusade of Children, how many Crusades were there?
  • Q7
    7) Which Crusade, led by the kings of Germany, France, and England did not retake Jerusalem, but did gain the right for Christian pilgrims to visit the city?
    The 4th
    The 2nd
    The 3rd
  • Q8
    8) What was the symbol of the Crusaders?
    A blue shield
    A green helmet
    A red cross
  • Q9
    9) True or false: The majority of the Crusades were very successful in capturing the Holy Land.
  • Q10
    10) What religious leader from the Catholic Church helped to organize the First Crusade?
    The president
    The pope
    The emperor

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