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The Danger of A Single Story

Quiz by Nelly Vera

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  • Q1
    How did the discovery of African writers help Chimamanda Achebe?
    It saved her from having a single story of what books are.
    It made her want to try ginger beer.
    It helped her notice how easy it was to find foreign books.
    It made her realize how much she loved the American and British books.
  • Q2
    Adichie went through a mental shift in her perception of literature because of these writers..
    Nelson Mandela and Chinua Achebe
    Chinua Achebe and Camara Laye
    Mongo Beti and Camara Laye
    Abena Busia and Nelson Mandela
  • Q3
    Why was Adichie startled when she saw the beautifully patterned basket that Fide's brother had made?
    It had become impossible for her to think of his family as anything other than poor.
    She thought that Fide's mother had made the basket.
    The dyed raffia that they used to make the basket was too colorful and well done.
    She wanted to learn how to create a basket similar to the one that Fide's brother had made.
  • Q4
    What was the single story of Adichie's roommate relating to Africa?
    A single story where Africans don't know who about Mariah Carey.
    A single story where Africans couldn't have English as their official language.
    A single story of catastrophe, where Africans had no possibilities of being similar to her in any way.
    A single story where Africans didn't know how to use stoves.
  • Q5
    Why did her professor say that her novel wasn't "authentically African"?
    Her characters were middle-class and ate burgers.
    Her novel's characters were too much like him, they drove cars and they were not starving,
    The characters walked every day to work and ate portioned foods.
  • Q6
    As she walked in Guadalajara, she watched people go to work, smoke, and laugh.She felt slightly surprised and then overwhelmed with shame. Why?
    She was so immersed in the media coverage of Mexicans that they had become one thing on her mind. The abject immigrant.
    She noticed that they caught her staring at them.
  • Q7
    What does a single story create?
    It create untrue stories.
    It creates stereotypes, which are incomplete stories.
    It creates stories that are overly dramatic.
  • Q8
    What is the consequence of a single story?
    It robs people of their dignity, it makes recognition of our equal humanity difficult, and emphasizes how we are different rather than how we are similar.
    It robs people of their dignity, it makes recognition of our equal humanity difficult, and emphasizes how we are similar than we are different.
  • Q9
    Stories have been used for what?
    They've been used to empower and to humanize.
    They've been used to dispossess and to malign, but they can also be used to empower and to humanize.
    They have been used to dispossess and to empower.
    They've been used to malign and to humanize.
  • Q10
    Adichie uses rhetorical questions that begin with "what if?". What is the purpose of it?
    She was actually asking the audience, but didn't have enough time to hear their answers.
    To make the speech last longer.
    There is no purpose.
    To add persuasive evidence.

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