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The Dark Ages

Quiz by Jacques Gagnon

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Who controlled the central government after the fall of Rome?
    The Holy Roman Emperor
    The New Romans
    No one did. The Germanic tribes fought against each other for land and power.
  • Q2
    What benefits did the Roman Empire bring to ancient Europe?
    Art, Engineering, Peace, Learning and Law
    Paintings, sculptures, and murals
    New styles of fighting
    Different Foods
  • Q3
    Who expanded the Frankish kingdom into an empire that controlled most of Europe?
    Pope Leo III
  • Q4
    Who developed the practice of warriors on horseback?
    Pope Leo III
  • Q5
    Why were the Franks so important to the Middle Ages?
    They were the Germanic kingdom that became France
    They were the Germanic kingdom that brought about many of the practices of the Middle Ages.
    They were the Germanic kingdom that had Clovis as king.
    They were the Germanic kingdom that defeated the last Roman army.
  • Q6
    All of the following are benefits of the Roman Empire's control over Europe for over 500 years except:
    Bridges, roads and beautiful buildings.
    Voting rights for all Romans
    Beautiful art and sculptures
    Learning of classic Greek philosophy
  • Q7
    Everything listed below were the consequence of Rome's fall except:
    People could barely survive with the little food they had
    Clovis became the next Holy Roman Emperor
    There was no central government to protect them.
    People were constantly under dangerous attacks
  • Q8
    What circumstances brought about the development of feudalism?
    The making of a slave class called serfs
    The need for a king
    The making of knights for protection.
    The weakness of the Frankish government and the invasion of invaders into Europe.
  • Q9
    Who introduced Christianity to Europe?
    Pope Leo III
    King Clovis of the Franks
    Emperor Charlemagne of the Franks
    the Poet Petrarch
  • Q10
    Who made Christianity the official religion of Europe?
    King Clovis of the Franks
    Emperor Charlemagne of the Franks
    Pope Leo III
    the Poet Petrarch
  • Q11
    None of the characteristics listed below describe the Middle Ages except:
    Invading enemies
    Roman arts
    local trade-no long distance trade.
    the crowing of the Pope
  • Q12
    All of the following are characteristics of the Middle Ages except for:
    Closed society
    No strong central government
    Powerful and corrupt kings
  • Q13
    After Charlemagne, learning was done by:
    Greeks from Athens
    monks and priests from the Catholic Church
    Scholars from Rome
    Teachers from the Vikings
  • Q14
    Before Rome fell and the Germanic tribes invaded, learning was about
    the Classical Greek and Roman culture
    Science and Literature
    The Bible
    The greatness of the Roman Empire
  • Q15
    What Frankish leader was crowned "the Holy Roman Emperor'?
    Henry I

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