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The Declaration of Independence

Quiz by Liliana Colodeeva

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  • Q1
    What famous founding father wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    John Adams
    Samuel Adams
  • Q2
    In the final voting by the Continental Congress to approve the Declaration, one colony chose not to vote. Which colony was it?
    North Carolina
    New York
  • Q3
    What was the date that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence?
    June 14, 1777
    April 18, 1775
    July 4, 1776
    December 25, 1776
  • Q4
    What was the name of the group that the Continental Congress chose to write the Declaration?
    The Founding Fathers
    The Declarers
    The Committee of Five
    The Independent Writers
  • Q5
    Who was NOT a member of the Committee of Five?
    John Adams
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    Ben Franklin
  • Q6
    What did the Continental Congress do with the Declaration once they had signed it?
    Made copies to send to the colonies
    Sent a copy to the King of England
    all mentioned here
    Had it published in newspapers
  • Q7
    Thomas Jefferson is widely regarded as the main author of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Q8
    Which of the following statements is true about what was included in the Declaration of Independence?
    A threat that the colonies would take over the country of Britain if the King did not stop the fighting
    A list of the three branches of government
    A list of bad things that the King of England had done to the colonies
    That the first President of the United States was George Washington
  • Q9
    What two signers of the Declaration of Independence would later become President of the United States?
    George Washington and Ben Franklin
    Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
    John Hancock and Thomas Jefferson
    Ben Franklin and John Hancock
  • Q10
    Which of the following statements is a famous quote from the Declaration of Independence?
    If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal
    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation
  • Q11
    Who was the first to sign the document with a big signature nearly five inches long?
    John Hancock
    John Adams
    Ben Franklin
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q12
    What is the first word of the Declaration?
  • Q13
    Who was King of Great Britain at the time the colonies adopted the declaration of independence?
    King George III
    King James II
    King George II
    King James III
  • Q14
    Which one of these phrases appears in the Declaration of Independence?
    Life, liberty, and property
    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

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