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The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family

Quiz by Suci Nurulinayah2

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  • Q1

    What is the meaning of family? 

    c) A network of emotional and physical support among individuals bound by marriage, blood, or adoption

    a) A group of individuals living in one house 

    b) A blood relationship between parents and their children

  • Q2

    What constitutes family culture? 

     b) Only typical foods eaten by the family 

    a) Traditions, customs, and values embraced by the family 

    c) Concerns only about day-to-day family matters

  • Q3

    what family traditions on holidays often involve?

    b) Working non-stop

    a) Spending time together

    c) Ignoring each other

  • Q4

    What role does communication play in family culture? 

    b) it doesn't have a role in family culture

    c) it helps build health relationships and strengthen family bonds

    a) only as a tool to convey important messages

  • Q5

    Why is family culture important? 

    c) because it influences how family members interact, solve problems, and make decisions

    b) because it's only necessary for everyday life

    a) just to bind the family together 

  • Q6

    How can family culture be maintained? 

    c) By paying attention to and consistently implementing family values and customs

    a) Only by carrying out specific traditions

    b) It's not possible to maintain it 

  • Q7

    Father, mother, brother and sister are my ...  

    c) family

    d) grandparents

    b) children

    a) parents


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