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The Doomed Quest Quiz


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  • Q1
    1. Which detail should definitely be included in a summary of the play? (A summary tells the main points of something.)
    Gilgamesh goes on a journey to find immortality
    Gilgamesh gives two siblings a handful of silver.
    Gilgamesh swings his ax at rocks and trees.
    Gilgamesh stumbles as he exits a tunnels.
  • Q2
    2. In Scene 5, the Distant One says to Gilgamesh, "My life is relentless. Everyone I care about eventually dies, and yet I remain." What is the purpose of this line?
    to describe the value of immortaility
    to show that the Distant One will help Gilgamesh conquer death
    to emphasize that the Distant One will live forever
    to question the value of immortality
  • Q3
    3. Which sentence BEST explains how Gilgamesh changes over the course of the play?
    Gilgamesh come to see life as short and dangerous.
    Gilgamesh learns that the gods disliked him.
    Gilgamesh is overcome with disappointment
    Gilgamesh comes to realize that he doesn't need to literally live forever because he can live on through the city of Uruk.
  • Q4
    4. Which of the following lines from page 22 BEST supports your answer to question 3?
    I will happily fight--and die--beside you, for this great city will live on long after I am gone.
    No one recognizes the bedraggled man walking slowly through the streets.
    you can crumble under the weight of your disappointment
    I have lost my chance for immortality
  • Q5
    5. On page 2, Enkidu says, "Perhaps years are not the correct measure of a life." What does he mean?
    The quality of a life is more important than its length.
    Death is an unavoidable part of being human
    People who live long lives should be thankful.
    Gilgamesh's journey is a dangerous one.
  • Q6
    6. Consider your answer to Question 5. Which line from the informational text expresses a similar idea?
    You'd get to watch all of history unfold.
    Everyone could keep exploring and learning and creating... doesn't have to go on forever to have meaning
    many scientists are exploring how to prolong human life

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