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The Early Republic

Quiz by Jennifer Hencken

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36 questions
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  • Q1
    -the Continental Congress wrote a national plan creating a loose alliance of the 13 independent states, states sent delegates to Congress, Each state had one vote, Congress could declare war, appoint military officers, coin money & deal with foreign affairs
    Articles of Confederation
  • Q2
    set up a system of settling the NW territories & governing them
    NW Ordinance & Land Ordinance
  • Q3
    organized farmers in Massachusetts to prevent the state from taking farms for unpaid taxes or loans
    Shay's Rebellion
  • Q4
    -goal was to revise the Articles of Confederation, every state except Rhode Island sent representatives, wrote an entirely new constitution
    Constitutional Convention
  • Q5
    -leader of Constitutional Convention, called the Father of the Constitution
    James Madison
  • Q6
    -called for a one house legislature where each state only had one vote, national government with 3 branches
    NJ Plan
  • Q7
    -proposed a strong national government with 3 branches, two house legislature with representatives based on population numbers of the states
    VA Plan
  • Q8
    -proposed by Roger Sherman, lower house called the House of Representatives based on population, upper house called the Senate gives every state 2 representatives
    Great Compromise
  • Q9
    3/5 of the total number of slaves in each state could count in population
    3/5 Compromise
  • Q10
    Northerners agreed Congress could not outlaw slavery for 20 years, -Northerners agreed that no state could stop a fugitive slave from being returned to an owner who claimed the slave
    Slave Trade Compromise
  • Q11
    -legislative branch passes the laws, executive branch enforces the laws, judicial branch is a system of courts
    Branches of Government
  • Q12
    series of essays by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in support of ratifying the Constitution
    Federalist Papers
  • Q13
    -written list of freedoms the government promises to protect; natural rights, first 10 amendments to the Constitution
    Bill of Rights
  • Q14
    supporter of strong federal government
  • Q15
    people who opposed the Constitution and a strong national government

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