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The end of the CLT: a context approach to learning teaching.

Quiz by Antonia Ormeño

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  • Q1
    What is the CLT attitude?
    Thinking that the CLT is the only way to learn a language properly
    Thinking that the CLT is one of many methods people can use to learn a new language
    Thinking that the CLT does not work in every context
    Thinking that countries and teachers that do not use the CLT are modern
  • Q2
    The priority of the CLT is:
    focus on communication
    focus on the students
    focus on lexis
    focus on the context
  • Q3
    Does this happen in other approaches?
  • Q4
    What does the Context Approach say?
    We take into consideration the country and cultures but not the students.
    The methodology (e.g. CLT) is everything when learning a language
    We must consider the whole context
    No other factors count in learning a language
  • Q5
    We have approaches which are:
    "Methodologically-driven" and "Context-driven"
    "Language-driven" and "Context-driven"
    "Methodologically-driven" and "Language-driven"
  • Q6
    Which is the first step when preparing and doing a class? (Context Approach)
    Focus on communication
    Take into consideration the context (interests, learning styles, attitudes)
    Choose the methodology
  • Q7
    If writers and teachers accept that the context is important.. Do we really need another Approach?
    Absolutely yes!
    Not really necessary..

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