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The Enlightenment and Revolutions

Quiz by Erica Isbell

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61 questions
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  • Q1
    The Estates General was made up of three different groups. Which statement correctly describes the Third Estate?
    They were part of the 1% of France's population
    They paid the majority of the taxes to the government
    They were educated French people and helped the destitute
    They owned approximately 20% of the land
  • Q2
    Which group of people were most often the victims of the Reign of Terror?
    the clergy who opposed Church reforms
    the poor throughout the country
    the radicals in the government
    the nobles who conspired against the state
  • Q3
    All of the following were developments of the Congress of Vienna EXCEPT...
    Austria and a number of German states joined to form the German Confederation.
    Switzerland became an independent nation.
    Austria became the head of the most powerful alliance in Europe.
    The Kingdom of the Netherlands was created from former Dutch Republic and Hapsburg lands.
  • Q4
    Which organization did Maximilien Robespierre lead that oversaw the horrors of the Reign of Terror?
    The National Convention
    The Committee of Public Safety
    The National Assembly
    The Directory
  • Q5
    How did Napoleon Bonaparte become France's sole ruler?
    He was elected by the citizens of Paris
    He was restored as a member of the royal family
    He seized control in a military takeover of the government
    He was elected by the members of the National Convention.

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