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The First Conditional form (type 1)

Quiz by Abeer Atallah

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    1- If Ali__________ (arrive) late, the teacher__________( get) mad at him.
    arrived / will got
    arrive/ will get
    arrives / will get
  • Q2
    2- We________(play) if the weather___ (be) good.
    will played / is
    will play / is
    played / is
    played / is
  • Q3
    3- If she__________(practice), she________(play)well in the concert.
    practiced / plays
    will play / practiced
    will practice / play
    practices / will play
  • Q4
    4- I_______(be) happy if the teacher______( give)me a full mark on the project.
    will been /gives
    will be/ gave
    will be / gives
    will be / giving
  • Q5
    5- She__________(gain) weight if she_____(eat) a lot at night.
    gained / eats
    will gains / ate
    will gain / eats
    will gaining / eats

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