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The Founding of a New Nation

Quiz by Linda Pickelny

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the power to reject a law called?
    checks and balances
  • Q2
    What is the meaning of ratify?
    to approve
    to deny
    to veto
    to override
  • Q3
    What is a democracy?
    a government ruled by the people
    a legislature
    an authoritarian government
    an amendment
  • Q4
    The period of time for which troops are committed to military service is called______________.
    one year
    one week
    one month
  • Q5
    Why was the process of amendment created?
    to allow George Washington to become the 1st president
    to make laws
    It allowed the states to make changes to the Constitution if they were needed,
    so the southern states would sign the Constitution
  • Q6
    What was George Washington's bold strategy in December 1776?
    a plan to surprise the British on Christmas Day.
    a plan to throw a Christmas party for his troops.
    a plan to journey to Valley Forge to rest for the winter
    a game to play with the British on Christmas Day
  • Q7
    Who was Colonel Tye?
    a former slave who escaped to Canada
    a former slave who supported the Loyalists and fought for the British
    a former slave who helped other slaves find freedom by traveling through the underground railroad
    a former slave who fought with the patriots
  • Q8
    Who was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley?
    A Loyalist who allowed the British soldiers to quarter in her home
    a Colonist who allowed the British soldiers to quarter in her home
    a woman who took care of the Patriots' horses
    She helped the soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth by bringing them water, and loading and firing a canon.
  • Q9
    The delegate from Virginia who supported a strong national government and is known as the "Father of the Constitution"
    James Madison
    Ben Franklin
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q10
    Which describes George Washington?
    all of the above
    He was a general in the Revolutionary War.
    He fought in the French and Indian War.
    He was asked to be the first president of the new nation.
  • Q11
    Who was Jonathan Dayton?
    He lived in Virginia.
    He was a general in the French and Indian War.
    He was a NJ delegate to the Continental Congress.
    He was George Washington's brother.
  • Q12
    This battle took place on December 26th when the Continental Army crossed the Delaware in Durham boats and surprised the British soldiers. It was known as the turning point in the American Revolution.
    The Battle of Yorktown
    The Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Princeton
    The Battle of Monmouth
  • Q13
    This battle took place in January of 1777 when Washington ordered 400 of his men to remain in Trenton. They lit fires and made noise so the British thought the Patriots were going to stay, but early the next morning, Washington led his men out of town and north toward Princeton. When his troops began retreating, Washington stopped them and attacked the British. Although they suffered many losses, the Continental Army won the battle.
    The Battle of Monmouth
    The Battle of Yorktown
    The Battle of Princeton
    The Battle of Trenton
  • Q14
    This battle took place in June of 1778. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley helped on the battlefield. There were about 10,000 British soldiers fighting against 12,000 of Washington's men. It was very hot and neither side won.
    The Battle of Monmouth
    The Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Yorktown
    The Battle of Princeton
  • Q15
    This battle took place in Virginia in September 1781. It was the last major battle of the war. The French helped George Washington's army surround the British, and General Cornwallis was forced to surrender.
    The Battle of Monmouth
    The Battle of Yorktown
    The Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Princeton

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