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The French Revolution

Quiz by Adrian Deese

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    These were the two major inspirations of the French Revolution:
    The Declaration of Independence and The Magna Carta
    Enlightenment and the American Revolution
    The Rights of Man and the US Constitution
    The English Bill of Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • Q2
    Th Old Regime is said to have a social imbalance because its classes were divided up into:
    Three Estates
    Money Makers and Money Takers
    Men and Women
  • Q3
    The First Estate was the:
  • Q4
    The Second Estate was the:
  • Q5
    The Third Estate was made up of:
    Clergy of priests
    Commoners from doctors to peasants
    the rich and famous
  • Q6
    A major problem the French people had with the absolute monarchy was:
    the royal army
    taking away money from the nobles to give to the poor
    Parliament's involvement in the rights of others
    the heaving taxing of the Third Estate
  • Q7
    Which is NOT true about the King's economic status?
    He would tax the people to pay for his debts he created.
    Even the banks wouldn't loan him money.
    He was a lavish spender.
    He was good at saving his money.
  • Q8
    What was the name of the legislative body in which the different Estates participated?
    The Estates-General
    National Assembly
  • Q9
    When the people requested a constitutional monarchy, what did King Louis XVI do?
    He invited them to participate in making the laws.
    He threw all the Third Estate into the Bastille.
    He shut them out of the proceedings of the Estates General.
    He wrote the Tennis Court Oath.
  • Q10
    What was it called when the Third Estate gathered on the king's tennis courts to write their own constitution?
    The Man's Declaring of Rights
    The Tennis Constitution
    The Tennis Court Oath
    The Declaration of Independence
  • Q11
    When did the French Revolution officially start?
    When the Third Estate became the National Assembly
    When a mob of peasants stormed the Bastille
    When they signed the constitution
    With the Tennis Court Oath
  • Q12
    Which is NOT a reason the peasants chose to storm the Bastille?
    to look for the king himself
    to free prisoners the king had wrongfully thrown in jail
    to tear down a representation of the king and his power
    to get gunpowder and other artillery
  • Q13
    Why did riots break out in the countryside?
    Peasants raided homes of nobles
    The National Assembly had the guns to do so
    Priests began killing all the sinners
    The Nobles began to fight back
  • Q14
    Why did the peasants go for homes of the nobles in their raids?
    to look for the cake offered by Marie Antoinette
    In response to their anger at the unfair Estate System and their increased poverty
    to find the palace of Versailles
    to get more guns
  • Q15
    When the King was arrested and the Constitution set aside, what legislature took over?
    The Robespierre Era
    The Estates-General
    The National Convention

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