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The Future

Quiz by Maria Theo

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    We need to hurry. The plane ............... in half an hour! We won't make it to the airport on time!
    is going to leave
    is leaving
    will leave
  • Q2
    This time tomorrow I ................. and enjoying the sunny weather of Jamaica.
    am sunbathing
    am going to sunbathe
    will sunbathe
    will be sunbathing
  • Q3
    I'm afraid I ............. my Chemistry exam - I only studied for 15 minutes!
    am not passing
    won't be passing
    won't pass
    am not going to pass
  • Q4
    By the time I turn thirty, I Thessaloniki for fifteen years.
    will have lived
    will be living
    will live
    am going to live
  • Q5
    Look at that boy trying to climb that wall! He ............ on the ground!
    will have fallen
    is going to fall
    will fall
    will be fall
  • Q6
    It's a good idea to book a table at the restaurant. By the time we get there, all the tables .................
    are going to be taken
    will have been taken
    will be taking
    will be taken
  • Q7
    I'm sure you ........... this book! It's one of the most exciting books I've ever read!
    will be enjoying
    are going to enjoy
    will enjoy
  • Q8
    Sandra .............. tons of money on her driving lessons by the time she gets her licence.
    will spend
    will have spent
    is going to spend
    will be spending
  • Q9
    Please speak to Tony - he just anyone! He wants to move to Japan!
    doesn't listen
    isn't going to listen
    isn't listening
    won't listen
  • Q10
    Stop talking or else I call your parents! This is my final warning!
    will have had
    will be having
    will have
    am going to have
  • Q11
    Don't call Betty between 5 and 7 tomorrow afternoon - she ........... for her Math exam!
    is studying
    is going to study
    will study
    will be studying
  • Q12
    We must return the books to the library right away. It .............. in 10 minutes!
    is going to close
    will be closing
    will close

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