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The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch

Quiz by Jill Hardee

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  • Q1

    Where did the group of friends go on Halloween night? 

    To the woods

    To a party

    To a haunted house

    To the pumpkin patch

  • Q2

    What did the friends see in the middle of the pumpkin patch?


    A pumpkin with a scary face

    A group of other children

    A tall, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes

  • Q3

    What did the friends do when they saw the figure?

    They ran away

    They stood still and looked at it

    They tried to talk to it

    They ignored it

  • Q4

    Where did the friends run after they climbed over the fence? 

    To a nearby house

    Into the woods

    Back to town


  • Q5

    What is the moral of the story? 

    Don't go to the pumpkin patch on Halloween night.

    Don't run away from danger.

    Be careful of strangers.

    Don't go exploring in the dark, especially on Halloween night!


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