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The Great Depression Begins

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    reluctantly signed by President Hoover to supply relief funds to states
    Emergency Relief and Construction Act
    Bank Run
    Black Tuesday
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Q2
    led the troops that dispersed the Bonus Army
    Douglas MacArthur
    Grant Wood
    George Washington
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Q3
    painter of the 1930s who was part of the regionalist school
    Grant Wood
    Vincent Van Gogh
    Dwight Eisenhower
    Douglas MacArthur
  • Q4
    stockbroker’s demand for immediate repayment of a loan used to buy stock
    Black Tuesday
    bank run
    margin call
    budget deficit
  • Q5
    the result when the government spends more than it collects in taxes
    margin call
    Bank Run
    budget deficit
  • Q6
    many depositors withdrawing their money at once
    bank run
    budget deficit
    Bonus Army
  • Q7
    the biggest drop of the 1929 stock market crash
    Black Friday
    Blue Monday
    Black Tuesday
    Wheatless Wednesday
  • Q8
    writer who showed what characters were thinking before they spoke
    Ernest Hemingway
    Grant Wood
    Douglas MacArthur
    William Faulkner
  • Q9
    migrants from the Great Plains heading west in search of better lives
    War Hawks
  • Q10
    set up in 1932 to allow the government to make loans to businesses
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    Federal Reserve Administration
    Emergency Relief Act
    None of these
  • Q11
    a person that invested in stocks, betting that the market would continue to climb so they could make a quick profit.
  • Q12
    Stock prices first began to decline in late 1929 because
    company earnings declined.
    stockbrokers stopped margin loans.
    several companies went bankrupt.
    investors began to sell their stock.
  • Q13
    The stock market crash weakened the nation’s banks because
    banks had invested their deposits in the stock market.
    banks depended on their stock for operating funds.
    investors no longer had money to deposit in banks.
    investors could no longer afford to take out loans from banks.
  • Q14
    The Depression had deep roots in the economy of the 1920s, including overproduction, high tariffs, missteps by the Federal Reserve, and
    an inadequate money supply.
    excessive reliance on export sales.
    the uneven distribution of income.
    deficit spending by the government.
  • Q15
    Which group of people living in California were forced from the United States during the Great Depression?
    Mexican Americans
    Chinese Americans
    Native Americans
    African Americans

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