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The Great Depression

Quiz by Amber Brouillard

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  • Q1
    What was the Great Depression?
    the deepest and longest lasting economic downturn in U.S. History
  • Q2
    What is Buying on the Margin?
    the process of purchasing stocks with credit hoping to sell at a high enough price to pay back loans and make a profit.
  • Q3
    Explain the Stock Exchange
    an organized system of buying and selling shares, or block of investments in a company.
  • Q4
    What was Black Tuesday?
    the event in which prices sank to an all time low when panicked investors dumped more than 16 million shares of stock on the market.
  • Q5
    Smoot-Hawly Tariff Act
    raised import taxes to protect American business and farmers, adding considerable strain to the international economic climate of the Great Depression
  • Q6
    What were Hoovervilles?
    shantytowns that were created by people who lost their homes during the Great Depression
  • Q7
    What are hobos?
    people who wandered from place to place without a permanant home or a means of livlihood, usually traveling on trains.
  • Q8
    Bonus Army
    group of WWI veterans who marched on Washington seeking a $1000 bonus
  • Q9
    New Deal
    the name given to a set of programs and policies introduced by Roosevelt and designed to promote economic recovery and social reform
  • Q10
    What was the 21st Amendment?
    a change to the Constitution that ended Prohibition
  • Q11
    The Emergency Banking Act
    A bill passed by the U.S. Congress in an attempt to stabalize the banking system
  • Q12
    What was the TVA? (Tennesse Valley Authority)
    a program that built dams to provide cheap electric power to seven southern States
  • Q13
    What is FDIC?
    a program that insured saving accounts in banks (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
  • Q14
    What is REA? (rural Electrification Act)
    program that loaned money to extend electricity in rural areas
  • Q15
    What is SSA? (Social Security Administration)
    program that set up a retirement fund for the elderly, unemployed, or disabled

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