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The Green Knight and Le Mourte d'Arthur

Quiz by Kim Derrick

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is King Arthur's first response to the Green Knight?
  • Q2
    How do Arthur's knights react to the Green Knight's challenge?
    Everyone in the court is stunned
    The people ignore the man completely
    Some are amused, but others quake with fear
    Only Gawain answers him immediately
  • Q3
    Why does Gawain want to accept the Green Knight's challenge?
    Other knights encourage him to do it
    He considers himself to the best in battle
    He thinks that Arthur is too important to fight
    Queen Guinevere asks him to fight someone
  • Q4
    Looking back at lines 175-185 that read "come to the Green Chapel, I charge you. and take a stroke the same as you've given, for well you deserve to be readily requited on New Year's mourn. Many men know me, the Knight of the Green Chapel; therefore if you seek to find me, you shall no fail. Come or be counted a coward, as if fitting." You can infer that the Green Chapel...
    exists only for the bravest of knights
    exists only in the mind of the Green Knight
    will be as mysterious as the Green Knight himself
    has many beautiful green plants around it
  • Q5
    The best word to describe the lady's behavior at the castle is...
  • Q6
    In this medieval romance, Gawain's refusal of the lady in lines 190-198 is an example of----. The lines states, "
    supernatural elements
    honorable motives
    mistaken identities
    exotic locations
  • Q7
    The best description of Gawain when the Green Knight is first about to strike him is ...
    stupidly brave
    unknowingly kind
    reflexively fearful
    prayerfully quiet
  • Q8
    Why does the Green Knight twice pretend to strike Gawain?
    These feigned blows reward Gawain's honorable behavior on his first two nights in the castle.
    The lady in the castle kissed Gawain twice a day for two days.
    Gawain showed himself to be a powerful knight on two occasions.
    Gawain flinched the first time and the Knight wanted to test him again.
  • Q9
    What does Gawain feel when the Green Knight reveals the trick he played?
  • Q10
    Gawain most displays the medieval romance qualities of an honorable hero when he ...
    tells the truth of the lady's kisses
    strikes the Green Knight on the neck
    reacts with anger toward the Green Knight
    takes the sash from the lady
  • Q11
    King Arthur refuses Launcelot's offer of peace because...
    he refuses to forgive Launcelot
    Gawain advises against it
    it is motivated by chivalry
    it arrives much too late
  • Q12
    How do the battles between Launcelot and Gawain cause King Arthur to experience an internal conflict?
    Gawain's weakening at noon worries him.
    The quarrel and Gawain's wounds upset him.
    He cannot decide whom he loves more.
    He wants to leave and fight Modred.
  • Q13
    Modred persuades the nobles to elect him king by...
    challenging both Gawain and Launcelot
    staging a coronation at Canterbury
    announcing the defeat of Arthur's troops
    announcing Arthur's death
  • Q14
    How does the combat between Gawain and Launcelot ultimately result in Gawain's death?
    A wound Gawain suffers when fighting Launcelot reopens during the battle with Modred.
    Gawain is injured so badly during the contest that he never recovers.
    Gawain loses his strength because of the contest and is easily killed later.
    Launcelot shows no mercy and kills Gawain after he falls.
  • Q15
    Which statement best summarizes Arthur's vision of Gawain just before the final battle with Modred?
    Gawain and the ladies he defended beg Arthur not to fight Modred but to make a truce instead.
    Gawain and several ladies show Arthur a vision of his death in a lake, where creatures tear at him.
    Gawain and the noble ladies champion Launcelot and warn the king against Sir Modred.
    Gawain explains that Launcelot will come to Arthur's aid in a month's time.

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