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The Hate U Give Chapters 16-19

Quiz by Dawn Womack

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    What advice does Starr's mom give her about her friendship with Hailey?

    Weigh the good and the bad of her friends.  Determine if there is enough good to remain friends.  If not, let it go.

    Yell at Hailey for her racist comments

    Forgive Hailey for her racist comments

    Turn Hailey into the principal for her racist comments

  • Q2

    Chris and DeVante bond over what?


    Making fun of Hailey


    Video Games

  • Q3

    Starr reveals what information on her television interview

    Khalil made a lot of money selling drugs

    That Khalil was selling drugs to pay back his mom's debt to King to save her life.

    That Khalil had drugs in the car the night of the shooting

    Khalil's grandma had cancer

  • Q4

    By mentioning King's crimes without mentioning his name on TV, Starr is committing what kind of snitching?


    Dry Snitching

    Wet Snitching

    Emergency Snitching

  • Q5

    What information does Starr reveal on her TV interview that she had only told Uncle Carlos?

    That One-Fifteen had pointed a gun at her after killing Khalil

    That One-Fifteen's father lied during his TV Interview

    That Khalil pulled a gun on One-Fifteen

    That Uncle Carlos was on leave for punching One-Fifteen

  • Q6

    When asked what she would say to Officer One-Fifteen, how does Starr respond?

    "It was only a hairbrush."

    "I'd ask him if he wished he shot me too."

    "I hate you."

    "Are you happy Khalil is dead?"

  • Q7

    Why does Chris give Starr the silent treatment at prom?

    He knows she is the witness, and she never told him.

    He doesn't like her dress.

    He is jealous that she is spending time with DeVante.

    She still won't have sex with him.

  • Q8

    How do Chris and Starr get through their fight at prom?

    They watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    The cops are called to settle the dispute.

    Starr reveals everything to Chris; her past, Khalil, Natasha, being poor

    They talk about how  much they hate Hailey. 

  • Q9

    What happens at prom between Starr and Hailey?

    They get in a fist fight

    Hailey ignores Starr. She walks by both Maya and Starr and gives them stank-eye.

    Hailey apologizes for her racist comments and they make up

    Starr dumps her punch on Hailey.

  • Q10

    Big Mav and Lisa share what good news with their children?

    They are having a baby

    They are buying Starr a new car

    They are moving DeVante somewhere safe

    They are buying a new house in a better neighborhood because Lisa got a new job

  • Q11

    What are Seven's plans after high school?

    He isn't going to college

    He is going to college far away so he can avoid King

    He is joining the King Lords

    He is going to community college so he can stay and protect his mom and sisters.

  • Q12

    The Carter family basketball night is interrupted by what?

    Hailey knocks at the door

    Khalil's mom shows up and begs for help

    King knocks at the door and threatens Starr

    a brick being thrown through the window

  • Q13

    Who is Goon?

    Lisa's best friend from high school

    The Leader of the Cedar Grove King Lords

    A colleague of Uncle Carlos and One-Fifteen

  • Q14

    Who does Big Mav trust to help guard his family?

    Uncle Carlos

    Officer One-Fifteen

    Garden Disciples

    Cedar Grove King Lords

  • Q15

    On the morning of Starr's testimony, Uncle Carlos and Maverick reach an agreement and are cool with each other.

    True or False

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