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The Haunting of Hill House, 1-4

Quiz by Hannah Landers

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    What were Dr. Montague's intentions with renting Hill House?
    He was going to write a fiction novel based on their experiences, hoping to acquire fame from the public
    He was going to actively hunt ghosts day and night with his assistants
    He was going to live there for a few months and see what happens
    He was going to cycle in different guests over the weeks, carefully recording their experiences in his log
  • Q2
    How did Montague select his participants?
    Those who were published in the most recent and respected newspaper records
    Those who reached out to him in response to an advertisement
    Those who, at one time or another, studied parapsychology
    Those who were involved in paranormal events
  • Q3
    Eleanor accidentally knocks into an old lady on her way to Hill House. What does the old lady say to Eleanor after she gets in the cab?
    “Journeys end in lovers meeting”
    “You have a terrible journey ahead of you”
    “I’ll be praying for you”
    “Go home! No one wants you here!
  • Q4
    What was Eleanor’s initial reaction to Hill House?
    “Journeys end in lovers meeting”
    “There is something humorous about the architecture”
    I need to “get away from here at once”
    “I miss my mother”
  • Q5
    What happened to Eleanor when she was twelve years old?
    Showers of stones had fallen on her house for three days
    She was able to correctly identify 18 cards out of 20
    Her mother passed away on a cold November morning
    She became home schooled, losing the only friend she ever had
  • Q6
    Where is the first place Eleanor explores with the second guest who arrived at Hill House?
    The living room, paying careful attention to the scratches on the fireplace mantle
    The whole second story and each uniquely colored room
    The brook that was found down a little path
    The barn outside the house that serves as a garage
  • Q7
    What scares Eleanor at the end of the chapter?
    A new guest
    An orb of light
    A snake
    A rabbit
  • Q8
    What is Mrs. Dudley's warning to the guests regarding her leaving the property at night?
    If they decide they want to leave, no one will be there to "open the gate" for them
    If they do not clear the dinner table, she will not "wait on people" the following morning
    If they experience anything, not to "confront" it
    If they get into trouble, she wouldn't be able to hear them "in the night"
  • Q9
    Which statement best embodies Eleanor's feelings about Hill House?
    "It's awful and I don't want to stay...get away from here, get away"
    "There is a comforting calmness that accompanies the silence that fills these halls"
    "My confidence grew that my journey will end with lovers meeting"
    "I am finally starting to feel wanted because of these three people I can call friends"
  • Q10
    Theodora claims that Eleanor is like her...
    best friend.
  • Q11
    Which room does Dr. Montague say will be the "center of operations, a kind of common room" for the remainder of their experiment?
    The dining room
    Theodora’s room
    The veranda
    Parlor room/ boudoir
  • Q12
    Which of the following details do the four guests NOT begin to notice about the house?
    How there are so many odd little rooms that are hard to find/ navigate
    How the original blueprints to the house Dr. Montague has been studying suggests secret corridors/ room
    How doors swing shut as soon as they are let go
    How some rooms have no access to the outside world: no windows, no doors leading out
  • Q13
    What did Dr. Montague notice about those who rented Hill House?
    One person of the group always left with an intense sickness
    They never stayed more than a few days
    They all tried to leave in the middle of the night but failed
    Hill House has never been rented since the Crain family
  • Q14
    According to the legend, what happened to the young village girl who lived in the house with the oldest Crain daughter?
    She hanged herself from the turret of the tower
    She married a man in the village
    She disappeared as the quarrel over the house intensified--some believing she was murdered
    She fled from the house at night, entering the village with a "madness that never left her"
  • Q15
    What supernatural event happened that night as everyone slept?
    A scream filled the house at midnight
    All of the doors opened
    A coldness filled the rooms

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