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"The Iceberg That Sank The Titanic"

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the poem mostly about?
    an Iceberg who believes it is very successful
    how the Titanic feels about the iceberg it sruck
    how the Titanic sank
    why the Iceberg feels terrible about the tragedy they caused
  • Q2
    Because there is rhyme and a sense of rhythm in the poem, it is
    a lyrical poem
    a free verse poem
    a narrative poem
    a humorous poem
  • Q3
    The illustration between lines 5 and 6 help the reader see-
    that it was easy for the Titanic to get around the iceberg
    the top of the iceberg is the largest part of the structure
    there are two stanzas in the poem
    how the shape of the iceberg caused the ship to be struck
  • Q4
    Which lines in the poem helps the reader see that the Iceberg was to be well known?
    lines 7-8
    lines 9-11
    lines 5-6
    lines 1-3
  • Q5
    The illustration between lines 5 and 6 represent
    the surface of the ocean
    the Titanic
    the sky
  • Q6
    Lines 1-4 shows that the speaker of the poem
    does not feel responsible for the tragic accident
    is careless and wishes they were in another location
    did its best to warn the captain and crew
    wish they could have helped more people survive the tragedy
  • Q7
    In line 11 the word celebrity means-
    someone who celebrates a special occasion or event
    someone who does not want to be known by many people
    a person who watches movies
    a person who is well known
  • Q8
    Which words from the poem help the reader know the meaning of the word casual in line 6?
    North Atlantic

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