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The Illustrated Man Pd 1 Review

Quiz by Michaela

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124 questions
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  • Q1
    Happy Life Home; nursery with lions; Future America
    The Veldt: setting
  • Q2
    George, Lydia, Peter, Wendy
    The Veldt: characters
  • Q3
    Answer: Mars and a cave on Mars, and New York
    The Visitor: setting
  • Q4
    Answer: Ettil read Earth books, which made him realize that an invasion on Earth will fail.
    (Concrete Mixer) What made Ettil not want to invade Earth?
  • Q5
    Answer: Saul, Mark, Smith and Johnson
    The Visitor: Who are the characters?
  • Q6
    Fascination, Suspense, Faith, desperation
    The Fire Balloons: Major Topics
  • Q7
    Answer: Everyone wanted to use Mark's powers and fought over him.
    The Visitor: What was the conflict?
  • Q8
    Answer: Earth said on the radio that they are welcoming Ettil and the Martians, since Earth was unprepared for an invasion.
    (Concrete Mixer) What happened on the rocket to Earth?
  • Q9
    Answer: "His legs were grown into the earth, with roots feeding deep of loneliness"
    The Visitor: personification
  • Q10
    On Mars; in First Town
    The Fire Balloons: Setting
  • Q11
    The Fire Balloons: "He arose his fleshy body with its rich look of strawberries, milk, and steak, moving heavily"
    The Fire Balloons: Imagery
  • Q12
    The Man: "And he will go on and on, thinking to find to find that very thing which he left behind here, on this planet, in this city...come along now. We mustn't keep him waiting."
    The Man: Dramatic Irony
  • Q13
    Character v. Character, Character v. Society
    The Man: conflict
  • Q14
    Answer: Who's life mattered more in the end.
    Kaleidoscope: What did Lespere and Hollis fight about?
  • Q15
    Answer: To get him in a movie about space invasion
    Concrete Mixer: why did Van Plank talk to Ettil?

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