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The Judicial Branch

Quiz by Keith Shaw

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Which legislative body is responsible for confirming justices?
    The Senate
    The House of Representatives
    The D.C. City Council
    The House of Delegates
  • Q2
    Who is the current Chief Justice of the United States?
    John Roberts
    John Marshall
    John Stamos
    John Paul Stevens
  • Q3
    What is the role of the Judicial Branch?
    To process laws
    To enforce laws
    To create laws
    To interpret laws
  • Q4
    Which Maryland State Court can conduct jury trials?
    The Court of Appeals
    The District Courts
    The Court of Special Appeals
    The Circuit Court
  • Q5
    There are how many circuit courts in Maryland?
  • Q6
    Who did Donald Trump nominate to the Supreme Court?
    William Pryor
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Neil Gorsuch
    Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • Q7
    Who appoints Supreme Court justices?
    The Speaker of the House
    The Other Justices
    The President
    The Senate
  • Q8
    Supreme Court justices terms are for
    10 years
    25 years
    As long as the President says
  • Q9
    The Maryland Court of Appeals is unique because
    They only have 5 justices
    They only meet for 10 days every year
    They can only hear 100 cases per session
    They wear red robes
  • Q10
    Original jurisdiction means
    The first time a court exists in an area
    The ability to see a case for the first time
    The court makes up a new law
    The ability to review old court cases
  • Q11
    Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan were both nominated by
    George Bush
    Hillary Clinton
    Ronald Reagan
    Barack Obama
  • Q12
    The Supreme Court doesn't hear all of the cases that come to them, they hear about how many of those cases?
  • Q13
    There are how many U.S. district courts?
    50, 1 per state
    62, at least 1 in each state except Rhode Island
    94, at least 1 in every state
    100, 2 per state
  • Q14
    A responsibility of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is to
    Give a weekly address to U.S. citizens
    Preside over impeachment trials
    Advise the President on legal matters
    Override a decision made by the rest of the justices
  • Q15
    The United States district court has jurisdiction over
    Divorce hearings
    All murder cases
    Traffic violations
    Violations of federal law

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