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  • Q1

    Read this description of Anna from paragraph 1.

    She has never upset an object or as much as brushed a magazine onto the floor. She has never lost her balance or bumped into a closet door left carelessly open.

    The description suggests that Anna has retained her —

    graceful acrobatic skills

    matter-of-fact approach to challenges

    capacity for dealing with extreme situations

    ability to remain calm

  • Q2

    Read this sentence from paragraph 5.

    They loved to drop gracefully from nowhere, like two sparkling birds, and blow kisses as they threw off their plumed helmets and high-collared capes.

    What is suggested about the Flying Avalons by the simile used in the description?

    How small and fragile they seemed to be

    How attractively they were dressed

    How romantic their relationship was

    How skillful and natural their acrobatics were

  • Q3

    Read how the words unnoticed in paragraph 4 and unseen in paragraph 12 are used in context. What is the meaning of the prefix un-?





  • Q4

    The phrase one form off light for another in paragraph 15 suggests that the —

    feeling of contentment is connected to love

    mother is willing to exchange excitement for safety

    father understands what the mother has given up

    ability to read allows the imagination to soar

  • Q5

    The narrator implies that the main reason she moved back to her childhood home to care for her mother was due to her feeling of —





  • Q6

    This list reflects the order in which events in “The Leap” are mentioned in the selection. Label the events in the chronological order in which they actually occurred in the timeline. The first event will be labeled 1, and the last event will be labeled 5.

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  • Q7

    Which theme is conveyed in the selection?

    Children often grow to be more like their parents than they expect.

    Sometimes a moment in time can seem longer than it actually is.

    We rely on our sense of sight more than any other sense.

    Living through difficult circumstances can breed resentment.

  • Q8

    Which quotation best supports the answer to # 7?

    I suppose you could call it the egocentrism of a child, of all young children, but I considered her a less finished version of myself. (paragraph 11)

    My mother once said that I’d be amazed at how many things a person can do within the act of falling.(paragraph 9)

    I came home to read to my mother, to read out loud, to read long into the dark if I must, to read all night.(paragraph 15)

    She is one with the constant dark now, just as the air was her home, familiar to her, safe, before the storm that afternoon. (paragraph 6)

  • Q9

    Most of “The Leap” is narrated as a series of flashbacks. What does the use of flash backs allow the author to do that could not have been done without this technique?

    Use the narrator’s adult knowledge to revise unflattering events from her childhood

    Narrate important events of the story in reverse chronological order

    Control the pacing to increase the tension of the story’s climactic moment

    Slow down significant moments of the story and speed upless significant moments

  • Q10

    The narrator as a child very curious and easily frightened.

    True or False
  • Q11

    Which element makes it difficult to identify the climax in “The Leap”?

    The use of a narrator who is never named

    The story ending, in which the narrator and her mother are still descending to  safety on the ground

    Two plot lines, one involving the Flying Avalons and the other involving the narrator as a child

    The use of two main characters, the narrator and her mother

  • Q12

    In which sentence about “The Leap” does the word who or whom function as a relative pronoun at the beginning of a relative clause?

    The story doesn’t say who was killed besides Harry Avalon.

    It seems obvious whom the babysitter telephoned after she awoke.

    The narrator did not know who would try to rescue her.

    Anna’s arm was broken by a rescuer who was trying to help her.


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