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The Legislative Branch Review

Quiz by Jaclyn Lutts

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28 questions
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  • Q1

    Who are members of congress responsible to and primarily have to answer to?

    The President

    Special Interest Groups

    Their Constituents


  • Q2

    Who is the leader of the House of Representatives

    President Pro Tempore

    Minority Whip

    Majority Whip

    Speaker of the House

  • Q3

    What is the main duty of the Judicial department?

    To make the laws

    To interpret what laws mean

    To execute the laws

    To imterpret the AOC

  • Q4

    What is representation based on in the House of Representatives?

    Lottery System

    1847 Law



  • Q5

    What does permanent committees mean in Congress?

    Committees that meet with both houses

    Committees that always meet from term to term

    Committees that only meet with the Senate only

    Committees that meet with the House of Representatives only

  • Q6

    What principle of government is represented by having both the Senate and House of Representatives?

    Popular Sovereignty

    Checks and Balances

    Rule of Law

    Limited Government

  • Q7

    Which is a requirement of all members of Congress?

    A member must live in the state that they represent

    A member must be a U.S. Citizen for at least seven years

    A member serves for a six year term

    A member must be at least 30 years old

  • Q8

    What is a non-legislative power of Congress?

    Impeaching a president

    Passing a new gun law

    Voting on a bill

    Passing an immigration bill

  • Q9

    What clause is "Congress had the right to make laws that are necessary and proper..."

    The Law Making Clause

    The Impeachment Clause

    The Elastic Clause

    The Legislative Clause

  • Q10

    In order for a bill to reach the President, what must it pass through first?

    Both Houses of Congress

    The House of Representatives only

    A standing committee

    The senate only

  • Q11

    Who is the leader of the Senate when the vice president is absent?

    The President Pro Tempore

    The Speaker

    Minority Whip

    Majority Whip

  • Q12

    Why might a member of congress use a filbuster?

    They are trying to stop the vote on a bill

    They are trying to get a joint resolution

    They are trying to talk a bill to its death

    They are trying to introduce a bill

  • Q13

    The party with fewer members in congress is know as?

    The majority party

    The minority whip

    The minority party

    The majority whip

  • Q14

    What does Congress call the permanent committees that are always there term after term?

    Joint Committees

    Special Committees

    Permanent Committees

    Standing Committees

  • Q15

    What happens when the President holds a bill for 10 days at the end of a Congressional session?

    A Pocket Veto


    A Law

    A Filbuster


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